Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view

I am in desperate need for a timline where all tasks in the same section appear on the same row (if they don’t overlap in time). If you donät fiw this immediately I am forced to switch to another project planner. Please, fix this now!

When in list view I have a series of tasks in order by date starting with earliest due date and ending with latest. When I look at the same project in timeline view, the tasks show up in a random order.

How do I keep the ordering consistent with the list view within their sections. When I sort by due date, it removes the section headers. I have my project set up so each section header. is the campaign, and tasks within the section header are the specific tasks associated with the header - so I do not want to lose that association.

See screenshot below:

Hi @Jackie_Cheung, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

I see what you mean! this is currently a known issue in the forum. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view - #4 by Brian_Titus to consolidate feedback on this topic. We’ll post an update on this thread as soon as we have an update!

Same issue. Was excited about using Asana pro for the first time. Was thinking of getting certified and using the software for process optimization within my client’s business’ but in one evening of fiddling aroun on premium I’ve ran into numerous major road bumps which I would not have with a tool like Pipefy. I’ve been using Asana for my todo lists for years and was hoping it had graduated from simple todo to enterprise level project and workflow management :frowning:

Any update on this issue? This is particularly frustrating.