Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view

I am in desperate need for a timline where all tasks in the same section appear on the same row (if they don’t overlap in time). If you donät fiw this immediately I am forced to switch to another project planner. Please, fix this now!

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When in list view I have a series of tasks in order by date starting with earliest due date and ending with latest. When I look at the same project in timeline view, the tasks show up in a random order.

How do I keep the ordering consistent with the list view within their sections. When I sort by due date, it removes the section headers. I have my project set up so each section header. is the campaign, and tasks within the section header are the specific tasks associated with the header - so I do not want to lose that association.

See screenshot below:

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Hi @anon61194435, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

I see what you mean! this is currently a known issue in the forum. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view - #4 by Brian_Titus to consolidate feedback on this topic. We’ll post an update on this thread as soon as we have an update!

Same issue. Was excited about using Asana pro for the first time. Was thinking of getting certified and using the software for process optimization within my client’s business’ but in one evening of fiddling aroun on premium I’ve ran into numerous major road bumps which I would not have with a tool like Pipefy. I’ve been using Asana for my todo lists for years and was hoping it had graduated from simple todo to enterprise level project and workflow management :frowning:

Any update on this issue? This is particularly frustrating.

ANy update or solution to this timeline random organization of task? I am very upset and frustrated with this feature

Hello, Asana team,

I’d like to upvote this issue. We are new to Asana, and my team immediately noticed this randomization of tasks on Timeline.

For example, Phase A (due January '22) is positioned lower than Phase B (due February '22), and Phase C (due March '22) is positioned at the same height as Phase A.

Currently, my timeline is A < B > C.

It should be A → B → C.

I was expecting a standard waterfall of workflow. Is there a reason for this randomization of task positioning?

Thank you for your feedback and help.



Hi all,

Yes I have spotted the same problem and I’m new to Asana as of May 21.

I’ve got a situation where we’re trying to replace the use of MS Project with a more modern tool like Asana. As part of the preparation I’m creating someone else’s plan in one project and then adding it into our main programme plan (project).

The trouble is that if you then show the section containing those imported tasks in the programme plan all the tasks are randomly represented. They differ to the order on the timeline.

Surely the best way to fix this is to keep the timeline and list view task placement order the same? That should be the default option. Then more advanced sorting, for example, sort by date within section would be another basic request. I note some more advanced options suggested in the thread above too.

The issue with the existing sort by date field is that it ignores all sections and jumbles up all the sections/tasks.

I’m surprised and a bit concerned that this was raised in 2018 and here we are just before summer 21 with the same issue?

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Upvote please & thank you :slight_smile:

UPvote - it is difficult to quickly order tasks in the timeline view - I’m always moving the dates when I attempt to order the tasks so that they cascade from earliest to latest on the timeline. Very frustrating.

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Any news on that?
I’d really like to sort timeline tasks by start/end date while also keeping them within their sections.

@Marie is there any progress on this? It is an issue for my team, as well.

Specifically, we would like the default Timeline view to display tasks in the order of the list view, within their sections. For some reason it is reversed and/or random.


I thought I could fix it by adding start dates and times to the tasks and sorting by start date, but the sort order of Timeline View appears to use date only and not time. So I guess I’m in the same boat as everyone here. It seems that the Task List view updates the sort order using the time, but the Timeline doesn’t. Help!

This is still a big pain point for our team. The interdependency of various project sections make for managing between timeline view and list view a nightmare–which makes the tool less useful for facilitating key decisions. Really hope Asana actually addresses this.

The only way I’ve found to get around this is to make a project template with all the subtasks and keep duplicating it. It’s saved me a little bit of time.

The only reason I bought the premium is the timeline+dependencies feature. But the inability to have the tasks in the timeline in the exactly same order as I structured them in the List (they appear just in some random order) makes the whole feature absolutely useless for me.
Kinda frustrating, especially when seeing people have been strugling with this for years

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Hi @Marie or @Emily_Roman - is there any update on when this timeline issue will be resolved? Like many above, our team purchased Asana mainly for the timeline feature. With the complexity of our project, having the tasks not appear in the same order as in the list view is a significant barrier/makes the timeline useless.

I am concerned because of this forum’s comments dating back to 2018. I had already emailed about this but figured I’d post here as well. Can you please provide some transparency on whether Asana will be resolving this? Three years seems like an unreasonable amount of time for the community to be left without an answer to improving this feature which many of us came to Asana for.

Besides the timeline view complications, our team has really enjoyed Asana’s platform, and if a solution is underway we will not explore other options.

Thank you!

Hi @Lindsay_Simpson, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates to share with you today but rest assure that we are closely monitoring this thread and we are sharing all feedback with our Product Team.

For context, please note we can’t always build everything customers are asking for, sometimes because it doesn’t fit with our product vision (ie: multiple assignees on one task), sometimes because the said request necessitate more background and structural updates than what customers are initially asking for. Whatever the reason is, I can ensure you that we do care and put a lot of effort into keeping communication lines wide open between and our customers and ourselves, you can learn more about it in this post .

We’ve built tones of exciting things this year, including some features that directly emerged from our Community (check out #productfeedback:features-launched), and we have a lot more on the way so make sure to keep an eye on our announcements category!

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a DM or to reply on this thread, I’ll be more than happy to help!

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Hi @Emily_Roman, any update on this yet? The issue has been going on for over 2 years now and it seems to me a rather “standard” functionality, ie. the timeline in its current form does not add any value. I understand you cannot always fulfill customer requests, but then please make me understand why the setup is as it stands?

The only viable product would be a decently sorted timeline. Very frustrating to see.

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Agree @anon90176089 - I’m in a professional services organization and 90% of our business is managing multi-year projects. We could shift major business units and delivery teams to Asana if this issue in particular could be fixed.