Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view

Not at the moment @Thomas_Rypens but I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Would be great if blocks in the timeline would fit like a tetris puzzle and occupy the minimum vertical space available by definition. also, stack by time horizontally and vertically, closest dates/hours first.
at least when you setup a timeline, you would not lose time scrolling up and down do rearrange everything, and there would be a logic to find things…


Hi @Marie!

I am following this topic because it is an important thing for our team.
Are some news about it?

A few months ago this feature worked correctly.
Can i set back my Asana to get that view of Timeline again?


Hi @Brunillo and thanks for reaching out!

I think you might be referring to something different since Timeline haven’t been updated since their initial release. Could you please create a brand new thread and give us more details regarding the issue you’re encountering?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Marie,

Proactively following up on this, as I’m really seeing this as a bug in timeline which is costing me hours to rearrange multiple project timelines.
Been able to talk around it here at the team, but right now it’s causing people to start using third party apps to do their plannings because of this.
Of course that’s a shame, because we’re running 100% on asana for project management, planning, project communication etc.

Do you have an idea of when this fix would end up on the roadmap :pray:?

Hi Marie,
Is there a solution to this now?

Hi Marie,

Any update on this? The time our organization wastes on dragging tasks vertically to put the timeline back in order is absurd. Thank you!

Hi @Brooklyn_Hurst and welcome to the Forum!

I don’t have an update yet on this topic but rest ensured that as soon as I get one, I’ll share it on this thread. I’m aware this has been requested quite a while ago and hasn’t been prioritized yet; sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience!

Adding another vote. :roll_eyes:

How someone could create the timeline view, connected to the list view, and NOT think about this is beyond me. (It’s also mind boggling that a year and a half after the original post, this is still an issue.)

ASANA, please please tell me there is now a way to deal with this problem. I have spent a lot of energy persuading my team that we should stick with ASANA rather than switching to a competitor. I then did a demonstration of timeline and told my team how useful it was, only then to see that everything appeared in the wrong order. Not only is this very inconvenient but it was also VERY embarrassing and made me look thoroughly incompetent. Is this a problem which ASANA are seriously dealing with?

Can we at least get some way to do this via API? Like a param we can set for each task, like timeline row or order? Then it’ll be ordered vertically in the timeline base on that number within each section?

Can someone confirm that there are still no updates on this item? This is a glaring issue in the timeline view that is causing major issues for my team

Agreed this is a big flaw. timeline is one of the reasons I am paying for premium account. The view is not usable to me like this.

Adding another vote for this. I just painstakingly moved all of my tasks in List view into separate sections and in order in the hopes that it would affect the Timeline view, and I was so frustrated to find that regardless of what changes I made to the List, the Timeline is still a mess.

I would like the “none” ordering option for Timeline to copy whatever order the tasks are in on the List. Alternatively, I’d like to be able to sort each Section by start and due dates, rather than having to sort the whole project timeline overall.

Also adding a vote - feel like if a user moves around the order of tasks in any view (timeline, list, board) then the order should be reflected in the other views. Or at least allow this setting to be enabled by a user.

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Adding a vote for this. My company will not consider to renew our Premium subscription without this basic functionality. A timeline that does not sort in chronological order is simply not a timeline!

It would also be ideal to enable locking of dependencies, so that when one is shifted, all dependent tasks are shifted along with it, unless otherwise addressed.

Would also like to see some attention on this issue.

Hey, It would be really helpful to have an option to sort the timeline tasks so that they have the same order as in the list view. I’m currently ordering them manually which requires some extra work. Something like “As List”.

I think there is an existing thread on the topic, you can look for timeline sort.

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I would like to add that this should be a sort option, so that you can set it at any time. Sorting options example: None, As List, Start Date, Due Date, Assignee. If you keep None, users will still be able to order it manually which is useful sometimes.