Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Correct, columns = sections. Unfortunately that’s fixed; you can’t choose to have Board columns be anything other than sections (and vice versa on Lists).

I don’t recall seeing a request for that to be more flexible, so you might want to create a new post with that suggestion here in the Product Feedback area, so folks can vote on it.

Also FYI, if you want to have a “status” custom field that’s automatically kept in sync with a task’s column, you can easily do that using an If-Then Rule in my Flowsana integration.

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@Alexis Any word on the progress for this feature request? Just switched to Asana and I’m really surprised this is a two-year old request apparently without progress.

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We are new Asana users and can already see the ability to swap view essential, afterall when working across a team we need to adapt to individuals own preferences


@Josh_Garcia, i too became very frustrated about the wait. However, i noticed through this thread what the dev team actually has to accomplish in each customers Asana. They have to export data and re-insert data so that you dont lose anything. Adding the function by flipping a switch would be detrimental to what you have already. So using their diligence, they have decided to handle each customer separately and carefully. I will say that last weekend we were updated and I am very happy with the results. Well worth the wait.


Same here. Especially when Asana launches a very efficiënt and improved version of the list view while I’m still using the board view…

This is good to hear as I’d like to do that to our projects as I am new and the way it was setup prior is confusing to some on staff. We are a little guy though so it may take a while to get to us. :frowning:

Any update on this??

I’ve been waiting for a long time and don’t want to manually change things from board to list if it really is close.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a small business user and I got the board-list -board function yesterday it’s exactly what I’ve been longing for :+1::+1::grimacing:

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Wrong emoji it should have been :smile::grin::smile::grin:

I just got the board to list added to our projects as well. Seem to coincide with the new list view. I would expect it will roll all to all soon.


Do you have an estimation regarding when this feature will be ready?

Asana does not share information about roll out speed or progress. You just need to wait :man_shrugging: I got the feature only a few days ago, some got it months ago.


In my opinion this ‘switching’ implementation is totally flawed. Asana has elected to use sections as the board statuses and completely missed the point. This is totally counter-intuitive. Lists and boards are completely different animals. Boards by nature are status driven (ie backlog, doing, waiting, done etc). List view is generally used for a more flexible approach to planning. I know that you can still sort by custom field, but honestly IMO Asana should have implemented an independent mechanism for boards (ie statuses) with the list sections retained. At the very least there should be a choice for each project. (Board column could simply have appeared as a field in list view)
I don’t think anything has been achieved by this update. I still have to create a separate board for kanban status if I want to retain my independent list structure. NOT HAPPY


I literally just had this realization today. I got all excited when I saw the update went live on our Asana account, and then immediately realized, “wait… how does this really help us?”

For us, having the ability to change the column heading to a custom field would be huge!


Exactly @olson.dan. In fact it makes things worse. This is a real missed opportunity for Asana to have knocked this feature out of the park…

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Did you have to do anything to get the update?
I still don’t see that option on my projects.
Thank you!

I didn’t do anything. I understand that it went live a month ago for some users. Asana is now in the process of rolling out to everyone. I’m a premium user, but I am under the impression it will a freemium feature.


I finally got it, YAY but I have a question…for some projects, when you switch from board to list, the columns come over as sections. On others, the columns do not come over and the list is a long laundry list. Does that mean Asana is still working on our rollover or is it just not consistent yet?

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Yup I agree and added this feedback: Allow to have different columns in a same project depending on which view (Board or List) you're looking at

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