Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

As you can see we are waiting impatiently for an update on the progress here.

I realize it’s not too much of an update but here is the latest info posted:


I could switch from list to board views in a new workspace, but I can’t do it in my organization. Why?

Hi @Gabriela_Higa,

The migration to the new format is occurring on a workspace-level basis (an organization is a workspace behind the scenes), so you may be migrated for some organizations/workspaces that you have access to but not all of them. Eventually of course they will all be migrated.


+1 for switching functionality. Wow, it has now been 3 years since asana said they will create this functionality and they still have not managed it? I’m new to the platform and got very frustrated I could not perform simple tasks like this. I’ve got myself a Trello account now so I will see if that is better.


Tell us how Trello works for you! Keep us updated!

Cause your right, 3 years this thread has been open and have been migrating for almost 6 months now. I’d say they are short handed in the ol’dev team.

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Such a major data change on millions of accounts would give me night sweats. Keep going Asana team, we believe in you!!! :heart:


Cheers @Bastien_Siebman,

Our Dev Team has already migrated quite a few accounts, and they are working hard to make this new feature available to everyone as soon as possible. Thanks for your support, I’ll make sure to share it with the Team :slight_smile:


Hi Marie, so just wanting to double-check, there is no way to request that your team be moved over sooner, we just have to wait until the team rolls it out to us? Thanks

Correct @Wes_Taylor, as it stands we’re not able to manually opt in users. This is a complex roll-out which involves manually migrating hundreds of thousands of projects, so in order to make it as smooth as possible we’ve decided to stick with a strict agenda!

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Hi Marie,

What are the projected timelines for when this feature will be rolled our to 100% of Asana customers? Eager to get this feature for the team here. Thanks.

As a user who this was rolled out to – I was ecstatic!

I mean the sections got downgraded, but I could live with that.

And then I saw, it’s BACKWARDS!

A list is prioritized TOP-DOWN (todo list) and a board is prioritized RIGHT-LEFT (kanban).

But the connection between the two views is flipped! Board sections go left to right! NOOOOOOOOO

My org hasn’t gotten this rollout yet. I don’t care so much INHERENTLY…I am 96% on Lists with only a few Boards…but I would really, really like to understand all the new behaviors & breakages that I’ll be seeing when the rollout comes. Like many of us, I put a lot of thought and effort into structuring Asana for my org and especially, training people in how to use it the way I intend. I just learned this afternoon that to the extent I have any Sections with data, that data will be wiped out silently when the rollout comes. Phew, just in time, fixed that by migrating that info. But what else is going to happen? @Marie or @Katie_Reynolds Could you kindly point me to a list showing new behaviors? Especially the gotchas. Thanks!

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It’s not quite so drastic, @Stephanie_Oberg. When their migration processing finds a section with data in it (i.e. anything other than just a name), after it converts that old-style section to a new-style section, it adds a new task just below the section where that task has the same name as the section and contains all of the data that was previously in the section. They do that specifically so no data is lost in the migration.


Oh got it! Good to hear.

Can you tell me, where does one go to learn these details and behaviors?

It’s an excellent question. There’s no single place that I know of. I know a lot about Asana changes mostly from spending a lot of time here in the forum, including in the Developers section where a lot of the details are covered; in my case, I HAVE to understand the details in order to insure that my Flowsana integration works well with them. That’s not a very helpful answer, I know - I wish there was a central place one could go to keep up on the details of changes.


For those that have been migrated to this feature, can you provide clarification on how a list is translated to “columns” on the board? Is it by custom field? Section? etc… Curious to see how the tasks will be displayed when changing views.

Hey Owen! We were switched to over the weekend. In the upper left hand corner there was an added “List” or “Board” option. It took every column in Board view and made the Subject of each column represent the Subject in “List” view.

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Thanks @John_Lennon!. So according to your screenshot it is converting “Column name” (in board view) to “Section name” (in list view). I find that board view is only useful if the column names are “status” (like a typical kanban) so this would mean I will need to maintain status in two fields now - 1) Section name 2) Custom status field. Would be awesome if Asana would let you choose with field to use as columns in the board view! (like smartsheet).