Subtasks in timeline

I’m glad I found this thread before upgrading. Adding my vote.

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I actually have another problem the subtasks are too short so you cannot read them is there any way to make the name appear without going with the mouse over it?


Warning: Adding a subtask to a project (Associating a project with the existing subtask) causes a mess. It doesn’t just tag the subtask with the project.

It duplicates the subtask as a task in the project. But I can’t undo associating the subtask with the project. And if I delete the duplicated task, it deletes the subtask version as well.

This completely ruins the purpose of subtasks, because it clutters up the project, making Asana very hard to use. But not associating subtasks with projects prevents them from showing in the timeline, and prevents them from falling under a project in “My Tasks” which also makes Asana very hard to use.

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This is such an amazingly bad bug that I can’t believe anyone at Asana tried to defend it on any level. The “workaround” is a nightmare of epic proportions.

And after all, the whole concept of the “Timeline” was that it was built to be a better version of a Gantt chart. Hiding subtasks in the Timeline View viciously murders that concept.


Just to pick a nit, in terms of technical clarity: Asana doesn’t duplicate the subtask, but rather displays the actual subtask in the main project list. I.e. it’s not a copy but is literally the same subtask. That’s why it’s not possible to delete one without deleting the other - because there’s only one.

Granted, the end result is the same, and I’m not defending the design; just wanted to clarify the technical dimension of it.

And also, just to highlight what Natalia mentioned above, there is an update in the works which will alter, at least to a degree, how subtasks are displayed.


I agree here with ADM, is there a way to display the task name like Instaghantt does this (behind the bar of the task)?
Would be really great to see this issue solved!!

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It’s 2020. Sub-tasks should be viewed in the project and timeline view! Considering taking our whole team to another platform because of this. Asana, please update!