Subtasks in timeline

I am not sure this will work for everyone… but I have added my subtasks to the project, assigned them to a custom field (be function/team), added a due date. All of this so they will show up in the timeline view.

Then I have created a section at the bottom of the project with the heading “Subtasks,” below a section, “Don’t look below this” where I have put all of the subtasks. This creates a nice list view, but more importantly creates a specific Timeline view.

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I am actually kind of feeling proud of myself:).

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I agree that being able to see the subtasks mapped out in the timeline without requiring the subtasks to be duplicated on the board or list would be ideal. That visual representation of the full timeline is very much desirable.

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This needs to happen. We have main projects with different types of tasks in each one and sub tasks to go with each type of task. We assign the subtasks out to multiple individuals. It would be ideal to have an “at a glance” view of the subtasks on the timeline view with their start and end dates and person(s) assigned.

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+1 for this. Would love to stop using and paying for Instagantt

How is this not a thing yet?

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+1 Yes, this is crucial for making the timeline feature actually useful.

Try It is a third party app that ties into Asana. Very nice!

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This is not a solution, this make the whole idea of SubTasks usless -
you have subtask not to clutter your main view - a simple show/dont show subtasks in timeline would be much better…
this way I should have never created it as a subtask, if im going to add it to the project - first off it will clutter my overview, 2. its 3x the work compared to just having created it as a task in the first place…

please fix this



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+1 just tried the workaround suggested at the beginning of the thread. unfortunately it makes the whole project really messy with all these new tasks you don’t need just to get them to show in the timeline.

please add subtasks to timeline! it’s a pretty fundamental PM need :slight_smile:

(and thank you to the asana team for all your work :heart:!)

+1 Want to see all sub tasks in the timeline!