Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project

This is definitely something we’d love to see. We’re revamping our Asana projects to have larger projects with all the minor/detailed subtasks underneath. It’s awesome that I can look at a task and just enter dozens of subtasks inline… however having to manually go back and add the project so they show up in the kanban view is time-consuming.

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Where is the vote on this topic? I want to vote for this to move up in priority on Asana’s road map.

Why is the vote button not on the top left like it describes in its feedback article?

The topic to vote on for this capability is here:

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Excellent. Thank you.


This issue is super frustrating.
There are a lot of similar activities, especially if you use templates where these also share the same task names and descriptions.
I want to know in which project context a subtask activity belongs to in the “My Tasks” section because there are multiple all with different deadlines!


Found this thread with my exact question from Jan 2018. Great, it’s 2020. I’m sure they’ve fixed it by now!

Am I wrong?


Still the same. :sleeping:

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I have he same issue and I am disappointed to see that it dates back in 2018 and nothing has changed.

The subtask should inherits the project of the parent for My Tasks.

In addition, when using filter by assignee for myself or another user, subtask are not shown. The only way to achieve this, is to used Advanced search for a specific project and add filter more to get Subtask only for the specific assignee we are looking for. This is definetly not convenient nor productive.

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We recently launched ASANA company wide and this is super frustrating. We use templates for on-boarding and various projects that will have the same descriptive sub-task. When that sub-task is assigned to someone else that other person has no clue what project that sub-tasks is for. Not having this functionality makes assigning sub-tasks basically worthless.


Completely agree; this is seriously annoying and does not happen on other platforms such as Teamwork- please sort out, Asana!

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We are just starting to use Asana and this is a major roadblock for us. Hopeful it will get fixed soon!

This seems like a no brainer to implement. The work around of Tab + P results in an optical duplication of that sub-task, showing up as a task in the ‘section’.

This is a road-blocker to purchasing an enterprise version for us.

Here to echo previous sentiments that this is a major issue!

agree, should inherit the parent task