Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project

This has been the biggest pain point for our company using Asana for the last 2 years and almost sparked a migration to another product twice during that period.

We are looking forward to a solution, I’d love to keep using this tool for our business.
Thanks for looking into it and working on it, please keep us updated.

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It is very frustrating - especially when, like others, I am trying to adopt and roll Asana out to the whole company and now questioning if we should do it or not.

Subtasks need to be treated like all tasks in terms of:

  • Showing up under a project and also under the main task
  • Be able to show on timeline view as well
  • Be able to link to another Project as well

Please can you update if and when you will be letting us know what is happening with Subtasks.


Just bumping this as well. If the sub-task exists within the specific project, why wouldn’t the sub-task be associated with that project? I have seen people identify that a task can be shared with multiple projects so this may create an issue, but I do not see the issue. If the task is associated with multiple projects, then let’s have the sub-task shared with multiple projects as well.

We have team members in many projects and some major tasks they need to accomplish are done via sub-tasks and they cannot see the project each task is associated within their my-task view and it’s creating issues for us.



Yes i also agreed with everyone above. We cant use subtasks otherwise our setups become too confusing. Subtasks should be the same as tasks, and show the associated project. I cant really understand why it is not this way. In ‘My Tasks’ i just end up with loads of assigned subtasks for which i have no idea where they live.


New user to Asana and so far love it - HOWEVER - I am really stuck on this issue. I have duplicate subtasks for many projects, and need the subtasks to be associated with the parent project - any updates on this?

Hi @Erin_Garmezy,

Have a look at this other post I wrote just a couple of days ago, I’m hoping it can help you too!