Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project

@Liohn_Sherer and @Simeon_Petrov, let me dig into this; I’ll get back to you asap!

Thanks for your patience @Liohn_Sherer and @Simeon_Petrov! I just did a little more digging into this and you’re completely right here; we recently implemented this change in the Advanced Search as we work toward improving the relationship between tasks and subtasks.

It will still take quite a lot of work to implement this relationship more globally, but we’re one step closer! I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have more updates on this topic!

If you want these capabilities including expandable/collapsible subtask outlining, you can check out my Treesana solution (now in beta on Windows) which gives you this functionality with your Asana data.

Just throwing my support behind this. We are doing our yearly cleanup of misc stuff in Asana for our agency and seeing how many subtasks got lost in ‘No Project’ was just too much. This is a major piece of functionality that we use with Instagantt and makes it really difficult to expand upon our Asana usage as we would like.


I literally just reported this as a bug – this functionality is so obvious to me i never could have thought it’s actually a wider issue. @Marie could you post an update for this topic please? Thank you so much.


I’m afraid I don’t have any update at the moment @Pia_Rawlins, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!

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Likewise, I was just about to flag this as a bug. You create a subtask for a task (whether or not you think that’s a good workflow) and it gets put into a ‘no project’ project. Seems illogical, and to be frank it doesn’t reflect brilliantly on the Asana team that people have been asking for a fix since early 2018. It would be great to get an update. Many thanks.


Hope this bug is fixed soon also! We just signed up for Asana and this seems like common sense.


Having been an Asana user for a number of years including the privilege of being an Asana Champion and now Certified Pro it is important to keep in mind that @Marie is advocating constantly to the Asana developers what are major stumbling blocks for users through great feedback from this forum. Believe me, Marie and her predecessor Alexis are aware, maybe painfully aware that sub-tasks, a feature that many users look for in Asana and its competition are a basic when choosing software. Sub-tasks in Asana are causing many problems and ironically when additional searching was added to Advanced Search it was both a great addition and in some cases eye-opening how sub-tasks as currently supported are a potential significant black hole. Even assigning manually a Project to a subtask that causes the subtask to show up in the middle pane with Tasks is very unusual in the hierarchical structure other than for the occasion you want a few to be more visible instead of down the structure. I am currently consulting with a Professional Services firm and just cannot recommend the use of subtask for workflow as I believe it will lead to lots of confusion in reporting, dependencies, custom fields, etc. So lets hope that @Marie our advocate is heard loud and clear by her developers because as it stands now there are a lot of users that are significantly inhibited and potential users that may not even give Asana a chance because they need the robust structure to the lowest level. Per today’s blog entry, Top 5 reasons to join Team Asana in 2019, Asana is to be congratulated. Let’s hope they are able to expand resources to solve problems such as these as they continue to walk down the path of excellence in their product. In the meantime thank you @Marie for being the messenger and let them know you do a lot to hold Asana revenues together and they would be wise to listen. :slight_smile:


Hello all, I read a lot about the issues, any news on the solution (more than a year ago started…).

Thanks Dev. Team!

Ditto… This makes subtasks so much less powerful. I was really excited about switching to Asana from Trello but this is causing a major headache. I’d say clearly the development team doesn’t intend on changing it since this has been an issue for so long and no updates?


Hi folks, for anyone interested, we have an automated solution that will get your child tasks to inherit specific fields from the parent task. You can configure which fields should be inherited, like project, section, assignment, and due date. We can also work with you to get custom fields implemented as well.

You can find out more here:

Please message me if you have any questions that I can try to answer for you.

Did your team ever make progress on this?

This is one of the most frustrating things about our current roll-out of Asana.


New to thread. For me, the issue was noticed when I did a custom search for tasks in projects owned by me, and could not figure out why I was missing tasks in the report (especially since the subtask “any” filter was on). This makes it much harder to manage projects. Adding the subtasks to the project is not really a solution since it will then place the tasks in the parent project, defying the purpose of sub-taks altogether…

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If I lived in a world where I managed shopping lists for a small family of 2, this would help. I don’t… so this really sucks.


I too am confused about what is the actual use case to have sub tasks not linked to the project they sit in? eg the task is in a project and the subtask is connected to that task! how is not having it linked to the project helpful in managing tasks and projects? I’m trying really hard to see how this is a feature. Maybe I’m missing something?

please fix this is possible - at the moment it feels like subtasks are 2nd class citizens


Many other user would also like to see Subtasks automatically belong to a Project. Consider voting for this topic.

Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

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@Vince_Mustachio I would add also if the subtasks are automatically added to the project it makes no sense to me to have them show up in the middle pane equal to their parent task like it does now if they are added to a project. They are called sub-tasks for a reason. Thanks


@James_Carl, that is a good point.

There are some issues that come with Subtasks not being a part of the Project by default. But as you point out, adding the Subtasks automatically to the Project would introduce new issues.

I would love to see a holistic improvement to Subtasks. Not only that they automatically belong to a Project.
Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

As well as the valuable additions that are discussed here.

Including the ability the expand and roll-up a Task in the Task list to be able to see or not see the associated Subtasks listed as needed.

@Mike_Hoefer, provided this helpful visual.


Since we have a large number of clients, we are using a project as our client list with each client listed as a task and then use other projects for each body of work we do.

Subtasks are then critical for us, we create a subtask to the main client task in the client list and then assign it to the appropriate work project project. In this way the main client has links to all the relevant work we are doing for them. It would be great to offer the option to select which fields the subtask inherits as opposed to a blanket inheritance.