Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project

Is it possible to create a feture request to add a trigger to subtask created? That way we can use the rules to assign project to parent project

When someone at Asana Product Management gets around to taking a look at this and putting it on the roadmap, can that person please understand that we are not asking for any unintended consequences to be created? For instance, right now, any entity - task or subtask - that is “homed” to a project will show up on the timeline, and as a top level List item (row) or Board item (card) - in ADDITION to the fact that the subtasks are already associated with and accessible from their parent task. We DON’T want to simply add Subtasks explicitly to a Project and find them cluttering the Timeline, List, and Board views. Asana will need to provide more controls for views (e.g. toggle subtasks on & off, or collapsed vs. exploded) and/or better defaults for every view.


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