Subtasks in Board View

Agreed with what everyone is saying. Having a strong indication of subtask would be great!


How do you make this the default behavior so you don’t have to do this with every subtask?

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Hi @David_Stenbeck and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands, it is only possible to manually associate a Subtask to a Project following the steps outlined before.

There is a popular thread in the forum requesting this functionality: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project In case you haven’t yet, I would recommend you to upvote it!

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a great Wednesday!

Any progress with this?


Seems like the forum team are getting confused between subtasks and tasks. Within a task card on the board view, instead of just showing the tree with a count of the subtasks, please let us display the subtasks on the task card


Seems like a basic feature. Very much needed!


The hotkey works, just wish there was visual distinction between subtasks and main tasks. As it stands I’m adding cover photos to main tasks but I feel this will look cluttered eventually.

@David_Dalton, what app is that in your screenshot? Great example of what we could use in Asana!

Yes I would like to add a big +1 for this, as well as the ability to at least see a subtask count of done vs. incomplete, which I assume is less work for you guys than actually adding subtask visibility to the board.

Hoping to see this soon!

Microsoft Planner.

Overall I definitely prefer Asana to Planner, but there are a few things I think Planner does better.

@David_Dalton, great, thank you! I have not looked much at the Microsoft suite of stuff, although it seems to be improving with Teams, etc. At least for now they have an advantage here to Asana with the Subtask visibility…

Thanks again!

Totally agree. Not having subtasks is major negative for Asana. Seems like it could be fairly easy to add given it is possible already in list view…

This solution is notstrong text**** helpful. This creates a new card in the board view and creates clutter and confusion. I need to be able to view all my assigned subtasks in board view when the project owner is not myself.

When you filter for only your tasks in board view, all project cards that have you assigned to a subtask vanish from this view.

Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m happy to announce that we’re launching an exciting update regarding subtasks on Boards. Now you can expand the card to view, assign, and set due dates on subtasks on Board view!

We are currently rolling out this feature so if it’s is not available for you yet, it’ll be very soon!

Huge thanks to @Joyce_Joko_Cheong who initially created the thread! :raised_hands:

I’m closing this thread but please feel free to reach out via our #tipsandtricks or #productfeedback categories if you have any questions or feedback.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Hi all!

This is just a quick note to let you know we’re temporarily rolling back this feature due to a bug we identified and we’re currently working on a fix. I will update this thread as soon as we start rolling it out again!

Hi everyone! The bug is fixed and this feature is now available to all users. Feel free to reach out in the #tipsandtricks category in you have any questions or in the #productfeedback category if you have any feedback. We’ll be happy to help!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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