Subtasks showing up as project cards in Board view

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: My department has a master 2024 project with various tasks. Those tasks are then made into subtasks for each person. I use the Board view and both the task and each subtask assigned to me are showing up as cards, and it’s cluttering up my flow.

Steps to reproduce: I don’t know how it’s reproduced.

Browser version: Mac Desktop App

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business I think

Upload screenshots below:

Screenshot here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is what happens when you explicitly add Subtasks to the same Project as the Parent Task. Try going to a Subtask that is a Card on your Board, and remove the Project name from the project field. Then refresh.

Subtask behavior takes 99% of new users by surprise. You can search the forum for “subtasks” and see all the discussion about these behaviors.

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