Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

@Skyler, you’re correct, we currently don’t share our roadmap publicly and you can learn why in this post.

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned in the post above, we can’t always build everything customers are asking for, sometimes because it doesn’t fit with our product vision (ie: multiple assignees on one task), sometimes because the said request necessitate more background and structural updates than what customers are initially asking for. Whatever the reason is, I can ensure you that we do care and put a lot of effort into keeping communication lines wide open between and our customers and ourselves.

Updating subtasks in Asana is technically a lot harder than what it looks like, and while we haven’t nailed it down yet, we’ve made some progress recently (see You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list! and Subtasks in Board View - #30). We’re aware that subtasks in Timeline and Workload are very popular requests, and we’re hoping to make it happen in the future.

We’ve built tones of exciting things this year, including some features that directly emerged from our Community (check out #productfeedback:features-launched), and we have a lot more on the way so make sure to keep an eye on our announcements category!