Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

This is wonderfully transparent info @Marie. Kudos you you and the team for being willing to acknowledge the delays are due to a shortsighted implementation. It’s impossible to anticipate everything, and totally understandable!

The transparency goes a long way towards showing the desire to genuinely help. Commenting here simply to applaud you, and share that I also wish subtasks could share the project of their parents :wink:



Please keep posting updates on this when you can. I’m a relatively novice Asana user here - this is a really annoying blocker! It would be great to take care of it :slight_smile:


Just adding to this thread as our example is similar and this lack of a feature is pretty crippling to the usability of workloads for us (and I’m sure others). We have Estimated Time as a custom field which allows us to make decisions around task assignment/project expectations. There are tasks that have subtasks with different team members assigned to each. Not having these “parent” tasks or the “child” subtasks show up in workloads is not only frustrating - but it overall useless.

Is there a plan to make this feature: “Show All Assigned tasks/subtasks” in workload? If this is just a request and not a part of the road map here? It would be helpful to know as we would need to find another solution to displaying/calculating actual bandwidth in our organization. Thank you.


Asana does not share their pipeline and does not seem to care if people leave either. Many requests have been open and highly voted for years and they either lack the engineering capabilities to resolve them (e.g. adding subtasks to the timeline/workload without adding them to the project level) or just flat out refuse (e.g. adding multiple assignees to a task).

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The subtask subject is both “by design” and also technically hard to do I guess, but it is slowly moving in the “right” direction.

And multi assignee is just part of their philosophy/vision. Fortunately Asana does not do everything people ask, and that is fine if some users move to other tools that fit their needs better!

(note: I am not an Asana employee and the view expressed is mine)


@Skyler, you’re correct, we currently don’t share our roadmap publicly and you can learn why in this post.

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned in the post above, we can’t always build everything customers are asking for, sometimes because it doesn’t fit with our product vision (ie: multiple assignees on one task), sometimes because the said request necessitate more background and structural updates than what customers are initially asking for. Whatever the reason is, I can ensure you that we do care and put a lot of effort into keeping communication lines wide open between and our customers and ourselves.

Updating subtasks in Asana is technically a lot harder than what it looks like, and while we haven’t nailed it down yet, we’ve made some progress recently (see You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list! and Subtasks in Board View - #30). We’re aware that subtasks in Timeline and Workload are very popular requests, and we’re hoping to make it happen in the future.

We’ve built tones of exciting things this year, including some features that directly emerged from our Community (check out #productfeedback:features-launched), and we have a lot more on the way so make sure to keep an eye on our #announcements category!


@Marie maybe there is a workaround to be considered here.
We use Zapier for this - Subtask Created - Add it to the project. So this means that Asana support this concept via the API.

If this is the case maybe you can add a new Rule which is just a checkbox, but is part of the normal Rules functionality:

  • add all substask in the project

So this can be enabled on per-project basis, just like Rules. This way some people can use it, some that do not want the subtask to be part of the project will not use it and you will serve both groups without having to make a decision for the entire user base. Admittedly it will be for Premium and Business only, but is still an option that I think you can tackle relatively easily.

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add “create subtask” as a trigger for project rules. then users can specify exactly how they want their subtasks to be handled in case of ambiguity.


This appears to me as a basic feature which, by missing becomes a major flaw of the software.
No issue this small but essential should take over 2 years to fix, whatever the technicalities behind.

Please make this a priority!


I can’t seem to select Create Subtask as a trigger for project rules- any idea how?

@Anne-Maree_Adams it isn’t currently possible to trigger rules or take action with subtasks at this time. This could only be achieved if the subtasks were multihomed to another project as a parent task.

You might consider upvoting this thread - Allow Rules for Subtasks where I believe users have suggested what you are hoping to achieve.

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Regardless of whether it was intended or not, it is a huge flaw. I cannot possibly understand any reason for the existence of a subtask if it doesn’t maintain the hierarchy of the entire project. There is literally no reason for it to even be an option. It just makes things so confusing for those of us just starting out. I just went through an entire 3 days of setting projects up with tasks and subtasks. NOW that I’m ready for my team to start using asana and working in the system, I see this ridiculous problem & realize I get to go back to the drawing board.


@Amy_Ringo_Lane unless subtasks are considered as a personal checklist you follow to reach the goal of completing the main task.

Woof, new user here and just stumbled upon this, basically make subtasks useless. Adds much clutter and offers no benefit. Guess I wont use them until this is sorted, which considering this has been open for 3 years I wont be holding my breath.

Definitely not a great start from a new users perspective especially when transitioning from any of these other management platforms that do support that logic ( which seems daft that you missed it but c’est la vie ).

I’ll be writing up a review on G2 at the end of the week, this will definitely factor into my report and not in a slight way.


@Marie Im very confused how something so important to your user-base can be left untouched for over 4 years. Not good.


Subtasks are a hot topic. Many people don’t use subtasks the way they were designed. So I would find it really unwise from Asana to push the use of subtasks, when this is already not understood and used properly :sweat_smile:

Has Asana resolved this yet?

Eh, while people may not use subtasks in ways the product team, in their infinite wisdom, meant for them to be used, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

If Asana doesn’t want people to use their product in a workflow that works for them, they shouldn’t use it in their home page copy—can’t have it both ways.


I don’t get why this is not already implemented TBH


If people are using subtasks incorrectly, then Asana should rename them to something else that doesn’t imply that they are part of a task that is part of a project and by association automatically added to the project. Implement automatically adding subtasks to projects or say once and for all that is not going to happen. Leaving a thread open for 4 years without doing one or the other is unfair to your users.

So consider this a +1 to implementing the feature.