Subtask being duplicated after changing status?

So, our workflow basically goes like this:


And some Rules like the Revision, For Approval, and Approved are all set for “Tasks and Subtasks” so when the subtask changes, they go to that section.


But after completing this, I want it to merge to the Main Task, which in on the ONGOING Status, but when I put ONGOING on the Subtask, it duplicates it on the ONGOING Section.

When I delete the separated subtask, it deletes the one under the Main task as well! HOW DO I MERGE THEM BACK?

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The reason why you can see the subtask listed like a main task under the “ongoing” section is probably since you added it to the project directly as well.

Subtasks are technically not considered part of the project unless they are manually added to it.

So in order for it not to show like this anymore you’d have to remove it from the project but don’t delete it.

One example

As you can see when the subtask is not added to the project it will no longer show there.

Now there are rules to remove a task from a project but in your case the problem is that you’d want it only for subtasks which won’t work. At the moment rules can be applied for tasks or tasks and subtasks but not only for subtasks.
In your case that is not ideal as that would also remove the main task from the project.

You could maybe try to find other workarounds via custom fields or similar.

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THIS WORKS GREAT ANDREA! Thank you! My Team is new to Asana, and we are still working on the best Workflow we can possibly have, We handle A LOT of projects with different levels of complexity and we can’t afford to create a “Project” per request.

Do you have a link for a video or any other reference to help our team get on our feet? :slight_smile:

@Rachel_Pahignalo - if you are looking for free training videos to get to know Asana, you can use the following:

  1. Courses in the Asana Academy (by Asana):
  2. Specific feature explanations in Asana Help:
  3. YouTube has some great videos from Asana consultants like Marquis Murray, Bastien and the iDO team, and Paul Minors and many other helpful channels.

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