Multiple Section Project Workflow

I have a project with seven sections, stages of a project, that I would like a singular task to move through. I have a bundle with rules assigning subtasks, changing task to approval, etc. along the way but am only allowed one task to move upon completion. If the task is completed or approved at any other stage it reverts back to that rule.

How do I continue to move the task through the workflow without prebuilding all the subtasks, as I want all the information (comments, etc.) from the original task to stay throughout the process.

Hi @Jessica_Rhodes and welcome to the Asana Forum :wave:

Even though you’ve done an excellent job describing your case, it’s still a bit difficult to grasp with text alone. I would suggest adding a screenshot of the rule (without any sensitive data).

Meanwhile, a first idea: (that you might be using already)
You can add multiple conditions to your rules, preventing them to trigger all the time.

For example, an additional condition could be the status of completion of your task (= if the task is complete, the rule won’t apply anymore).

Please let me know if that helps or if I misunderstood your case.