Using Sub-task Approvals to Move the Parent Task to a Section

Hi all! The scenario I have is that my assigned tasks (copywriting assignments) need to be approved by my manager and a portfolio manager. Sometimes these tasks require revision. I’m trying to accomplish the following:

  • When I move the task to the section “In-Review”, two “Create Approvals” subtasks are created (1 assigned to each manager)
  • If one or both managers marks their subtask as “Changes Requested”, the parent task will then be moved to an “In Revision” section

Is there a way to do this? I find when I try to add a rule that “when approval status is changes requested, move task to ‘In Revision’” it’s moving the sub-tasks, not the parent.

Thank you in advance!

I’m trying to do the exact same thing but with custom fields! Haven’t found a way to make it happen. Basically to update the custom field of a parent task based on the result of the approval

Right now I’m trying a workaround:

  • If I move the parent task to “For Review”, the parent task is reassigned to Manager A and marked for approval.
  • If Manager A approves, the task is then reassigned to Manager B and the ‘marked for approval’ is reset.
  • If either manager marks the approval as ‘Changes Requested’, the task is moved to the “In Revision” section, the assignee is removed, the ‘marked for approval’ is removed (External Actions>ido>“unmark task as milestone/approval”), and Manager A gets a sub task to reassign the parent task to whoever needs to make changes.

It’s not ideal, but I’m hoping it works. I’ll let you know lol.

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Welcome, @Oddrey, and well done on that approach!

The underlying problem is approvals work best as subtasks, but rules don’t support the parent task <> subtasks combination, so approval subtasks won’t work for automation.

Your approach is an option, maybe the best one for you.

Another approach is to skip the subtasks and approval type tasks altogether and just automate based on a single single Status / Phase field including Approved by Manager A and Approved by Manager B choices. That’s automate-able. (Assumes workflow is first A then B approving.)

A final option would be two regular (non-approval-type) subtasks: Approved by Manager A and Approved by Manager B. Add this rule trigger to carry out your action once all approvals are in:

(This alternative assumes you’re not using subtasks of these particular tasks for anything else.)

Hope that helps. (And I didn’t fully test or proofread this!)



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Hi @lpb I appreciate the insight! The setup I currently have seems to be working ok, but it does remove some visibility on my part (I can check the board the task lives on, but it removes it from my task list once reassigned to the manager) so that’s something I have to weigh the pros and cons on. I’ll definitely look into your alternatives, do some testing and see what will work best for my team.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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