Custom task approval options

  • There should be a way to edit approvals. Currently there is Approved, Changes requested, Rejected. Our team only uses two options (approved and declined) so ideally in the future it would be less confusing to have the option to pick the two of three options we would want to use. Unclear what the difference is between Changes requested and Rejected. In our mind both require edits so are rejected for change.

  • Currently a subtask can’t affect a parent task. So when our creative director approves a subtask (through approval) for creative review it still does not change the status of the subtask. We need to create a custom field for approve or decline. That custom field has to be changed to approved or declined to trigger the next status change of the task.

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There are both good points and deserve separate posts.

For point 1: This is a good suggestion to be able to customise your approval options. There are workflows that say approve or reject, but I see the value in request changes. This is useful for me when I am reviewing documents / reports / presentations for example submitted by my team. Request change means, I made some tracked changes and left comments on the docs that need their attention. In other instance, if a workflow is holiday request, then approve / reject would suffice.

For point 2: Currently you are unable to change the status of a task based on a single subtask. The rule that is available is that if all subtasks are X, then the task is Y.

I do not know how you lay out your project, but few ideas:

  1. Consider having the approval as a task instead of a subtask. You can create / dependencies and rules to help you progress the other task once approval status changes
  2. If custom fields are a feature in your project, then consider introducing an approach where by people interact with the project via the custom fields. This way your rules will apply. I know it is not ideal, but maybe it could help a bit.

Here is another thread which you might find some info to help you:
How to use approval subtask to trigger main task changes? - #4 by lpb

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