How to search "approved" tasks?

Our Scrum development teams use tasks to track “User Stories”, and sub-tasks to track “Acceptance Criteria”.
Acceptance Criteria are set as approval tasks, so that they can be approved, rejected or change requested.

The challenge I have is retrieving only approved (or rejected) sub-tasks.
Even better, retrieving only approved (or rejected) sub-tasks of completed tasks.

The Advanced Search doesn’t allow to search for the approval status, I’m afraid.
Did anyone encounter the same challenge, and did you find any woraround?

Hi Franscesco, why don’t you use a custom field in the actual task instead of creating sub-tasks? This way you can filter your project by “approved” only or “rejected” only. You can find more info on custom fields here. Hope this helps, Dominique :slight_smile:


Thank you Dominique.
An “approval” custom field is the workaround we’ll use in place of the standard Approval functionality, due to the search limitation.
As these are sub-tasks, a rule to automatically set the custom field on task approval won’t work, so we just cannot use the Approval thing and will stick with the workaround.

Hi @Francesco_Tiberi as it stands I don’t believe there is a better workaround I’m afraid. I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback category and will keep you posted here once I have an update!


thank you @Marie! Greetings from Italy.

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Yes @Francesco_Tiberi , if the approval is a subtask, the advanced search does not differentiate the status and presents all of them in one go.
While the custom field is a work around it, I agree there should be a way to use the advance filter to clearly identify these in subtasks.

I have trained myself to use the project board as one main level with all activities, approvals, dependencies, etc… because the subtask does not live up to the task royalty. Your suggestion has been upvoted +1 :slight_smile: