Update Advanced Search - AND / OR Functionality



I would love to see the advanced search have the option to do AND or OR searches. Also to be able to search on sections or columns would be a much appreciated improvement!

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I am trying to build a report that is showing tasks that have been completed within the last 7 days AND tasks that are due within the next 7 days and sort them by assignee. The goal is to see what has been done and what is coming up for my staff from different teams/project.

As far as I am aware there is no way to achieve this. Am i missing something?
Adding Filters for “completed within XX” AND “due in XX” only shows tasks that have been completed in the past but would be due in the future.



Hi @Markus_Hohlbein!

You could run the Search below, but it won’t automatically update, so you would have to update the dates manually every time you need this report!

Unfortunately as it stands, there is no option to have one condition (=completed) for the last 7 days and another condition (Incomplete) for the next 7 days.

My apologies that I can’t be of greater assistance, but I hope this helps to clear things up!


Hi all!
I am missing some advanced functions in Asanas advanced search.

Firstly could it be possible to add functions like “AND / OR” ? This will also include the ability to connect several statements into groups.
This could sounds like “If status is Open OR (priority is high and status is not closed)”

Secondly is it possible to get some Asana Query Language to setup Filters? We switched from JIRA and got addicted to the JQL and miss now the ability to easily share filters across the board.

Last but not least I am missing the ability to add a custom field twice. I am trying to say status not “waiting for xx” and status not “waiting for yy”. Right now I can choose one the custome field just once.

Thanks !


Hi @RobertoS and welcome to the Community Forum!

As it stands you can create a Query using the “AND” function, however, our Advanced Search doesn’t support “OR”. I’d recommend adding your vote here; on my end, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread, just to gather all feedback on this topic on one single thread.

Regarding your second question, I recommend checking our API, although I’m not sure it will allow you to set up the filters you’re looking for. If you have any follow-up question on this topic, feel free to write a post in the #developersAPI category, our API experts will be in a better position to help you.

And last but not least custom fields: as it stands you can only filter projects with one custom field, although I completely understand how useful it would be; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!