Update Advanced Search - AND / OR Functionality

Hi, I’m trying to create an advanced search that will give me my tasks that are due through the next five day OR start in the next five days. Not all our tasks have start dates, so I can’t just use the start date field. Currently I have two reports, but I’d love to have one (as that functions as my “to do” list).


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Indeed the advanced search does not have the ability create requests with operators like “OR”. You can upvote Update Advanced Search - AND / OR Functionality

I am in agreement that and/or functionality is important! I feel like I’m missing the ability to customize some key reports for my team that could make our standup meetings more effective.

Someone mentioned above that and is an option, but I’m having trouble finding a resource that outlines how.

For context, I’m looking to create a custom search that provides the following results:

  • all team members
  • all projects
  • incomplete
  • due today or tomorrow
  • task with a custom field containing in progress, pending approval, waiting on external partners
  • task with start date that aligns with current date

The goal is to have one report show everything that our team is actively working on.

(Unfortunately just running a report for custom fields that show “in progress” won’t work because I have some very minimally engaged Asana users who are not interested in changing their behaviour.)