We need an additional option for an approval task

My team often goes through a few rounds of changes in a project. We use “approvals” regularly. Our executive director requested that we move forward when we have minor changes allowing her to skip reviewing them again. She wanted to mark approval tasks as “approved with changes”. Can Asana consider this as another option to go along with approved, changes requested, and rejected?


Make sure to upvote your own feedback. The forum was the right place to come.


Hi @Connie_Valkema , until/if your request is added, if you are on any paid plan, you could create a custom field to emulate the approval options or tailor them as you like, such as the below:

This would replace the need of marking tasks as approvals but I understand this might be tricky to implement into your current workflow. Just a thought…

PS: you could also add rules to trigger based on the values that your director selects.

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I would like to see this feature for Approvals myself. The ability to customize the options would be a great help. The word Reject is so negative anyhow, I could think of many different words to replace this option in a toward culture.

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