Approvals - Request change should keep the task incomplete

Hello Asana community ! :sunglasses:

Once approvals were introduced into Asana we got really excited as it gave us another option to keep correct track of our task progress.

However we see that whenever you mark Approval as “Request Change” task is marked as “completed” in the “eyes of Asana” and is grayed out. Rules take it as completed and that is a risky business. I understand this option as: “Hey buddy I need more information please change it or add it into the task” as compared to “OK I need more information to this task but consider it closed.”


I might have missed option how to find a workaround (besides using complex rules within each project).

It would be great to keep tasks “Open” if we mark them Request Change and close them only if we choose Approve or Reject as those are “final statuses”. :slight_smile:

Hi @Matej_Cuchran :wave:t3:

This is currently an expected behaviour, but this is a popular request, so thanks for creating this thread; hopefully this is something we can improve in the future!

In the meantime, we recommend using subtask for asking approval, this way the subtask gets completed when the approver request changes or approve it, but your actionable task remains incomplete! You can check out this other conversation on the same topic!

Hope this helps!

Hi @Marie :v:

That’s actually very clever solution to the challenge.
I will inform my teams to adjust accordingly.

Thank you !

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