Sub Tasks Not Populating on Timeline

Hi there,
Are we still limited on the number of subtasks that can populate the timeline? I swore the limits were growing so thought we could avoid this.

I know people have different opinions on using subtasks, however since we have to multi-home a parent task asking as a project has been best for our organization for transparency and cross-functional work.

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic , just curious, how many subtasks do you have and how many actually are visible in the timeline view?
Do you also experience this with the new Gantt view also? (you can expand subtasks there too, and they are arranged waaaay more neater than the Timeline view). I see the Gantt view is the second last tab in your screenshot. Try it!

A lot :crazy_face: This is a customer launch that can populate up to 120 tasks depending on the choices selected in the form and fed through Flowsana.

I see more in the Gantt View but not all and I can’t see who owns the task on the list side.

Just to clarify, you have around 120 tasks in the project or 120 subtasks within a task??

If the latter, I would suggest that you convert the task from the form submission into a project so that all subtasks are upgraded to tasks. Wouldn’t that work better, for everyone involved?

Unfortunately, no. We have MANY on-going projects for our customers each one is a project. We tag the parent task to the project and any other items. So the launches need to stay as a parent task so it can go into the customer project along with the lifespan of any deliverables we have done for them.

I know I am going against “best practice” here. However, we are a small org with folks wearing a lot of hats. Also very customer-centric so this was the BEST option for us.

We ran through many solutions and when we used projects heavily we found ourselves miserable. So we went to the parent task as the deliverable and then the subtasks as the actions and it helped us a lot.

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic , it sounds like you found what works for you and that is why Asana is great, flexible for numerous ways of doing things. But it seems like you definitely hit a limitation!

So I ran a quick test using the CSV importer to create subtasks into a task and view it in Timeline. It appears there is a limit of 50 subtasks that can be visible within a task. :confused:

You should see a blue link at the bottom of your expanded task window saying ‘View all subtasks’ which then opens the task details pane. This limit is likely set for performance reasons.

Thanks for raising this, I will be adding it to my post, 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana

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Thanks so much for testing this! I had a feeling :frowning:
So if we filter “Incomplete” only it will keep bringing in what’s up next, right?

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic , that’s correct! As long as you have the filter in Timeline set to ‘Incomplete tasks’ then the top 50 incomplete subtasks will be visible.

So if you complete one of the first 50 subtasks that are visible, then the 51st subtask will appear at the bottom of the expand list, and so on.