All Levels of Subtasks Visibility within the Timeline and Workload(Portfolio) Views

Subtasks are necessary, especially in a waterfall methodology project, if you want all the items for the project to reside within the one project area. Otherwise, it creates additional clutter by creating these separate sub-projects, which means more switching screens to see the details. This also makes the Portfolio area’s Workload view extremely messy. Even then, the subtasks will not show unless you add them to the project, which now forces them to show in the parent level of the project timeline—defeating one of the main benefits of using subtasks. I am referring to the benefit of collapsing the data into meaningful chunks. If Asana made these changes to be in alignment with other big PM software companies, it would make it a potent tool.

In summary, I am proposing Asana create the following capabilities:

  1. Allow the subtasks, all levels, to show in the timeline view by inheriting what project it is associated with and what task level it falls under.
  2. Create a filter in the timeline view that allows you to alter how many levels you want to see.
  3. Allow the subtasks, all levels, to show in the Workload Portfolio view for accurate Resource Management tracking. Creating the first request will allow you to program this area quickly, as the foundation is now built to do so.

Hi @minman,

First of all welcome to the forum! Second, it is great to see that you value subtasks for organizing your projects.

There is an existing thread regarding this that is almost to 1,000 votes. I would add your voice in here! Timeline - Schedule Subtasks - #42 by Sarah_Gregory

What do you mean by levels?

There is another thread regarding this request as well! Ability to view assigned SUBTASKS in Portfolio>Workload

Hello Mike,

Thank you for getting back so quickly. I have voted for those other two threads you mentioned to increase their popularity in the hopes it will expedite matters.

Regarding the levels, I was referring to the multiple levels you can create subtasks, which I think go to 8. So once you create the main task under the section name, you can then create a subtask within the main task, then create a subtask within the subtask, and so on up to 8 levels down. That is what I meant by levels.

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Understood. That is not possible at this time unfortunately, but hopefully it is something Asana can look at. Subtasks and their usability have been a hot topic, so you’re not alone on this opinion