Subtask timelines, viewing only items within 1 parent task.

How can I EASILY view a timeline of all Subtasks within a parent Task (assume all those subtasks and sub-subtasks are already assigned to the same “project”)? In other words, assume the parent Task to be a complex beast with dozens of subtasks, and I need to look at a timeline view to make sure all the subtask ducks are in a row and that dependencies are functioning.

I know I can probably set up a custom search/filter to get this, but having to set up a custom search for every parent Task, each time we want to look at the parent Task’s timeline is going to be frustrating.

I guess another way to frame the question— Assume all the subtasks are already assigned to the project called “PRODUCTION”. If I have that parent Task open, how do I quickly view a Timeline view of the “PRODUCTION” project showing ONLY subtasks of that one parent Task?

I am building a Template task with all the subtasks structured and already added to the “PRODUCTION” project, and they’ll start showing up in that project’s Timeline view once a due date is assigned to them. However there will be many times I need to quickly be able to view that Timeline while NOT seeing all the other unrelated subtasks that belong to other parent tasks.

Is this a simple click or two, or perhaps is there some way I can build a “click here to view timeline of this task” option into the Template Task?

Great question @Matt5. According to my knowledge there isn’t an out of the box solution for this.
Depending on how many parent tasks you have in the project, you can use sections to separate the parent asking and its sub tasks in the project. Then you can collapse all those sections and only view the Parent task and subtasks’ Timeline in that section.

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This is what I call a project :grimacing: trolling aside, do everything you can to avoid such a solution as it has a lot of shortcomings, one of which being the inability to see a timeline of the subtasks…

Also you can consider using Instantt which has collapsible subtasks list within the timeline!

Bastien we used to use Projects for these “jobs” we send through our shop because these jobs are large and complex, but we had so very many “Projects” piling up.

At one point later this year we’re going to have upwards of 200 jobs (aka, “projects”, as you’re suggesting here), would you really want to have 200 projects to have to scroll through and track the progress of, just for the sake of having a timeline within the task?

As it is now, we track the progress of our jobs (tasks) by moving them from one project to another— we have about a dozen actual Projects that represents each step in the fulfillment process.

Our Installers use the mobile app, I can’t imagine how mind numbing it would be on the app to try to browse through 100-200 projects. The search function already is kinda slow.

I understand you think 200 projects would be a problem because, as you mention, you “scroll through them”. I never ever scroll through projects in Asana, I always use the search. And I find whatever project in under 5 seconds.

So yes having 200 projects is perfectly fine for me. Then you can use portfolios to group them, if you have Business, or use a “Project of projects” in Premium, meaning each “initiative” is a task within a project, as well as being an Asana project. If it does not make sense, let me know!