Show more information with read-only links -> Custom Fields

Completly agree with this! We waste so much time having to input all our asana info into a spreadsheet. A public link where we can just select the custom fields we want visible and which sections of the project we want visible would be sooo so amazing. The share public link right now is completely useless.

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Interesting to see this chat thread as we just presumed we had some kind of glitch. We’ve come up against this issue and it seems odd that it’s not been properly addressed two years after it was first raised. Not being able to share the Fields makes the ‘read only’ view largely redundant for us - we’ve just pulled together a RACI using Fields and a lot of the people on the RACI don’t have Asana access and so accordingly they cannot see where they sit in the RACI! Weird. Would be really good to get a proper update on this, especially if other other products do accommodate this functionality (someone in the Thread mentioned this as a Monday feature)?

Asana doesn’t share about their roadmap, like most products in the same industry (as we found out). I did mention this to an Asana PM recently working on custom fields, and we know Asana monitors the forum often!

We have clients that want to see projects. We should be able to give them a read only and display the columns we want them to see on the project. However…the read only is so basic that ultimately they have to join to be a guest. In turn they see internal data that I do not want them to see. This has been a request for many years that has not been resolved. Can we please get an update?


it is a heavy reason to say goodbye Asana hi clickup

Hello all, the public view link I am looking to share with some of our stakeholders currently only shows the task name and assignee… rendering this view pretty useless. Anything that can be done to display more fields in public view?

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Not at the moment, I am afraid that’s it (for now)

Is public view and being able to filter by thing like task type ever going to become a reality? We have hundreds of stakeholders seeing ‘colours’ but not knowing what they mean in a calendar view.

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To add to this - I was asanas biggest sponsor in our org. We’re a unicorn SaAS and levelling up our transparency is huge. It’s not realistic to give 1000+ people a licence. Right now I’m wishing we went with an alternative vendor, especially seeing that lack of update on this request over the past four years.

Hi @Ellie_Buckle1 while I do not believe the public link has been updated, you can give access to as many guests you as you like to the project and they will be able to see the details you wish them to see.
Guests are not charged for licenses as long as their email domains are different to your Org. Hope this helps a bit.

Being able to give clients access to a dashboard without them being able to go into the task is what we are looking for. The goal is to create a custom project specifically for clients to see updates by having specific columns present. Currently, If I invite them to the project they are able to see all the details when they click on the task. Hopefully they will find a solution.

When I create a public link for a Project or task Tracker, the resulting link does not include the columns and important data from the Asana view, whether in browser or desktop application.

I was instructed to use the “Share” option for external contacts or those internal to my employers who are not included in the Asana licensing. Without all the important data attributes and metadata from the project, creating a Public Link is pointless.

Totally agree with you @TERRY_CUTLER

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