Show more information with read-only links -> Custom Fields

Any update on this feature? It has been 2 years and sharing a read only view that shows at least a few custom fields would be amazing. Many times I have people on a project that don’t use Asana and have no real need to be in there but it is helpful for them to see some of the custom fields.


@Jenny_Nelson we haven’t heard news from Asana in a while on this topic, it doesn’t mean they are not working on it, but because they don’t share the roadmap we can’t help…

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Also sharing my frustration and +1 vote for this.

If we use custom fields it’s because they hold valuable information. If we share a public link to a project it’s to share the valuable information. So… I don’t see how withholding custom fields or not giving us the option to include them helps anyone.

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@Bruno_Selun I believe it was the easiest way to avoid confidential info from slipping out, until they code the ability to decide on a per field basis.

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Hi everyone, what is the status of the feature? When are we going to be able to see the custom fields?

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@Frederic_Nowak we don’t know, Asana doesn’t communicate on its roadmap. The forum is a good place to share what you need/expect!

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+1 vote for adding custom fields to public read-only links

+1 on adding custom fields to public read-only links. This is very important to share with clients as the export feature carries over too much information into a spreadsheet to edit down to share what we need to… we relied o nthis feature with and are really disappointed it does not exist with Asana.

Hi @anon44715344 ,

I really like your idea of additional permission regarding the visibility of the field on public links!


If I may, I’d like to bring it back to the discussion and suggest it myself as well. I believe this could solve all issues regarding on what a non-member can see or not.

Otherwise, it’s a fact like @Ryan_Ruch said “Currently, someone assigned to a task has to reach out to customer and then go back to Asana to update. If the customer can do this is saves time for everyone.”

+1 vote from me on this topic :sunglasses:

How is this not ready for prime time? This makes the sharing worthless.

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Adding a +1 for our organisation on this one. Would be highly valuable to share information with partners. We are scaling Asana and such a function would allow to increase adoption within our organisation. This would be a major internal selling point to add a few hundred licenses.

@Marie or @Emily_Roman - any update on this? It’s a big feature to be lacking. My new org is Asana, old was Monday. This was something we used all the time and it needs to be an option to make a custom field visible to the public.

No update at the moment @Carly_Grantham, but as soon as we do, @Emily_Roman or I will post an update on this thread!

It is so disappointing to see that people requested this feature back In 2021, and still, Asana couldn’t deliver.

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Tharindu_Gunawardana :wave:

I guess it is not that Asana could not deliver but rather it might not be on their list of features they plan to release or not a priority.
Their roadmap is not public so we won’t be able to tell.
However they always launch a lot of features monthly, you can find an overview here:

I am pretty sure that’s intentional @Tharindu_Gunawardana . The minute you show the fields, half the community will say “I don’t want to show fields, there are private things in there”. And you could argue “just add the option to choose!” but 1. Asana rarely offers “options” and 2. an option means a single click and you reveal confidential info

I agree with the need to create public links that allow for the selection of a specific viewable tab. It’s important that these links adhere to any filters or sorting that I have set up on the tab.

For example, I am presenting a list of potential projects for funding approval to an executive team. Rather than showing them a cumbersome spreadsheet, I could provide an Asana link that presents the same information in a more visually appealing way.

However, I may only want to show a subset of the 300 line items to the executive team during the meeting, and I need to be able to control the order in which they view them and hide irrelevant columns. This is where the current public link feature falls short.

If Asana were to implement the ability to create public links with customizable views, it would be a game-changer for high-stakes settings and lead to greater adoption and sales. Even if the executive team doesn’t sign up for licenses themselves, they would see the value in using Asana for future meetings and greenlight the purchase for multiple teams within the organization. This feature would also put Asana on par with its largest competitor,

I need to be able to share my Marketing calendar with people not on Asana (management) and the read-only preview link is sufficient for that, but I need it to include custom fields. I’m using custom fields to tag different regions so want the functionality to filter by region and then share the calendar.

This is a deal-breaker for me and it looks like I may be forced to use instead as it has this functionality. But I really would prefer to use Asana - please help! From looking in the forms many others are asking for it too.

100% agree. NOt having this functionality is a deal breaker.

As an organization that works on grants, it’s important for us to have projects visible across the organization, so this would be really useful to make sure the wrong people aren’t making edits (intentional or not) to projects. We also use them to organize and share information from forms, etc. and being able to show a read only version will help us be transparent while keeping the information accurate.