PLEASE make custom fields visible on read-only preview link

I need to be able to share my Marketing calendar with people not on Asana (management) and the read-only preview link is sufficient for that, but I need it to include custom fields. I’m using custom fields to tag different regions so want the functionality to filter by region and then share the calendar.

This is a deal-breaker for me and it looks like I may be forced to use instead as it has this functionality. But I really would prefer to use Asana - please help! From looking in the forms many others are asking for it too.

Hi @Helen_Pettitt , welcome to the forum :wave:

Thank you for your feedback which the Asana team can review. However, as you mentioned there are already posts in the forum with this request, it is preferable to comment in the existing threads so that votes are consolidated. Thus, I’m merging your post into this existing thread so that you can also vote by clicking on the purple button at the very top.

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