Show more information with read-only links -> Custom Fields

Hi @anon44715344, while this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

This is much needed!

This takes my +1 as well.

Having only the tasks visible without any context from the custom field makes the feature extremely basic and in many cases not fit for purpose.


Very much want this feature. Just went to the effort of creating a project roadmap with custom fields for progress, phase of work etc. I need to share this with a large quantity of people, I didn’t realise when you create the shared the link custom fields wouldn’t show which does make the work I’ve done largely pointless.

As we work in a large organisation simply adding all of the people to the project who need to see its public link is well outside of my teams budget and not viable. I guess I’m now left with looking at a way to create a PDF from the project, which isn’t ideal as I really wanted to share a link that displayed live data.


Adding a +1 here as well! We rely a lot on custom fields for our use case, but with such a big organization, it’s not feasible to add everyone who views the board to our workspace. Would love to be able to share a link with my organization without needing to add workspace users.




Any updates on this feature? We need it too!

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if you can edit the number of fields in view with the public link? We want to share our event calendar with the wider business but all they can see is the date and the assignee and I’d like to include the field that says which region as we’re a global business.

It’s maybe not possible but it’s driving me mad trying to find out.



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Custom fields are not displayed on read-only views at the moment.

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Here’s the existing thread Show more information with read-only links -> Custom Fields


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I have merged your post into the existing feedback request thread that Bastien shared.
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I would like to see this feature improved as well.

I’ve discovered that sub-tasks are neither visible or nor shared in the Read Only Link, making the feature less usable for us as well. You cannot even tell that there are sub-tasks under a task.

We have found that using sub-tasks like a “checklist” has been key in helping our customers to view project progress when sections of work are many small steps that may take weeks of work. Having these sub-tasks visible to customers in the Read Only link would be very helpful.

As others have said, having other fields such as tags or custom fields available to be shared or not would also be very desirable. We often have to represent to a customer when they are required to do a certain task as a pre-req or component of the project, and using a Tag for this would be preferred. But since tags are not visible on the Read Only link, that is not helpful to our customers.


Adding a +1 here. We have created a calendar for all outputs but without visibility of the custom fields, it is useless to the wider org. The need for people who have submitted a form to view and add further information is also much needed.

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+1 to this request. Do not need my whole org and possibly customers in my content roadmap project but I would be great to be able to share at least some fields for context.

For example, I am hoping to share delivery type & asset type with fields or tags. Without this, I have to put all of the context in the title of task, which is overkill.

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+1. Is there any way to add a non-custom field to a custom built project? I don’t need all the details included in the view-only project. I would like to include a status (not started, under review, approved). This is especially helpful when using the forms > tasks automation.

The only way to display a status on a read-only view is to have statuses as sections.

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One additional point to this topic for the Asana team. By providing access to the custom fields in the public view, this is in essence free advertising for you to potential new customers who can see/use the benefits of Asana first hand. It also allows for deeper task management for all companies involved. Currently, someone assigned to a task has to reach out to customer and then go back to Asana to update. If the customer can do this is saves time for everyone.


Just adding my +1 to this as well in hopes this gets pulled into development soon. Being able to view custom fields through read-only links has become very important to us, and without it’s availability in Asana, we have to research other options.

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I support any upgrades to the Read-only project views. Showing Custom fields is a must for Read-only project view. These features are key to sharing project work status with other teams at the company, which are not Asana users, but are key stakeholders in submitting work to our projects.

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Having a public-link without viewing the basic fields is absolutely pointless in terms of project management, this is not why we signed up for PREMIUM! This feature is so basic that it is availble even Excel sheets!!

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