Share a project publicly - Read only

Hello Everyone !

I would like to be able to share a project publicly via a link : people can see and read what’s inside without creating an account. And creating an account doesn’t give them access to the project.

Is it something possible with Asana ?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Martin_Ronfort and welcome to the forum!

At this stage, your best bet is to leverage the export functions within Asana or the Google Sheet Integration.

There isn’t a way to publicly share information with those that aren’t members of a team or project, at this time.

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I was wondering if I should not code this. I did a prototype and it works. @Martin_Ronfort what design would you expect? The Asana design? A custom design?

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Thanks for your reply guys ! Would be great if you can code it @Bastien_Siebman !

I don’t expect any custom design, the Asana design would be great.

My goal is to create project in Asana → Show the available project to freelancer so they get all the info and they know what I need. It’s read only, they can not modify anything.

Then once I hire them, they create an Asana account and we use default asana features to handle project management :slight_smile:

If we can make it, and if I can request something …
It would be ideal to hide section : in a public project, I can choose to “show all”, or hide some section available only for registered users.
→ it will allow to share the link publicly, and freelancer only see the available project. When I hire someone, I move the task to a “In progress” section hidden from the public (so people doesn’t know what we are working on, they don’t need to)

I might ask too much but it would be ideal :smiley:

Thanks for the consideration guys,


In addition to the workarounds @Jerod_Hillard suggests, and the potential for @Bastien_Siebman’s work, you may want to consider Asana2Go which is free to most and helps you work with those not using Asana. You can select exactly the tasks/sections to share.


@Martin_Ronfort I’ll reach out in private message to explain my solution.

I have a working solution! Check out my demo page

The content is pulled from a real Asana project, synced on demand, and the design is 100% customizable. You can display any information you need on tasks (name, date, completion, notes, custom fields…) Anyone interested?


raises hand I’m interested! Can you send me details?

I would also love to have this feature. I would like to share a project with our clients as a lead magnet. Get people using the project to help them build their business system and then who knows if they like it then they sign up with Asana too. I am unable to do this so I have to now build this in Trello, so Trello will get the new customers rather than Asana. I’d really like this feature to be considered please.

I would love to also receive this type of solution to showcase boards with images to a non asana members.
Or to a free asana members (with them to be counted as a “seat” in my account)

fix (without them to be counted as a “seat” in my account)

I thought I saw this this was a newly implemented feature?

It is - good call!

Details are here:


The entire project is not available, only the Timeline view, eventually the Calendar view, no promise yet for anything more. And only for Public projects.

And I noticed helpful controls appropriate for read-only use (e. g., Sort) is not included. And the link view seems to use a view with defaults that matched neither the current defaults or the ones in effect at the time the link was created.

So this represents a partial solution, at least.


I would love to know about this please

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