Provide option to remove ability to view full project in asana on public links

We have a few projects that we share a read only link to non-members (to view a calendar). When they visit the link, they often get confused and click to “get started” by viewing the full project in Asana. This then leads them to becoming a member, causing us to exceed paid seats and having to spend time removing them.

Is there a way to give us the option to remove that ability or hide the button they use to do this?


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Rockey_Adams! We are planning to improve Shareable links for projects in the future. Hopefully, we can implement this option! I’ll let you know if we have any updates.

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Any info you can share into the improvements you’re planning to make? Something that would be very helpful for us to is see the task details of a task clicked within the timeline of a public link.

Hopefully there will be the option for clients of ours to see the full project as read only, including any comments/attachments within tasks? Then we can use a project as a “client portal” for them to see all the info regarding their project.
Even better if the sharing could be controlled per section so we would have client facing sections and in-house only sections so we can control what they see.

Similar to @Rockey_Adams the ability to customise the public link page by removing ‘Join Project’ and ‘create your own project’ would be great as it causes problems in licencing of paid members, as they automatically become a paid member in my understanding if they have same email domain as org or paid division

This could also extend to hiding the greyed options such as Dashboards or Overview which is only available for project members.


Right now I’m trying to create a “Client Portal” on a new domain we created just for this purpose. I have used 2 apps to create our Client Portal app. Softr and Airtable. I haven’t yet completed the stack, however, but it does look like it will give the ability to our clients to see everything about their project as exported from Asana to Airtable and then to Softr. Very advanced Tech Stack creativity going on here so I need a bit more time to know for sure if it will work as I expect, but it’s looking good so far. Here’s the dedicated portal:

I have to build out the main navi links still, but this will give you an idea of what I’m trying to do, and maybe you have since discovered some cool related options to achieving this goal of Client Reporting via Automation.

Let me know your thoughts if any …