[Read only links] Share Project Brief and Overview With Public Link (No Asana Account Needed)

It would be incredibly helpful to be able to share the Project Brief created in the overview tab with a public link that doesn’t require an Asana account. You could still password protect it if desired, but being able to share this with clients as project scope doc would be amazing.

Currently we use other programs to provide a detailed project overview, but would love to bring this into Asana since all of the needed features exist except being able to share in a live doc setting.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Bobby! We recently implemented read only links for Timeline and Calendar view and hopefully we can also implement it for Project brief in the future. We’ll keep you posted!

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Can you explain more on how to use this? I can not seem to find a way to share a link to Timelines or Calendars without inviting a member or guest. Thank you!

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I have a few projects with stakeholders, who are not Asana members (i.e. external vendors) or who have an interest in my project, but don’t want or need to a project member (i.e. CEOs). When I send an Asana report, it only goes to project members. There is no option to add additional people to receive that report. I noticed that I can remove people from receiving the report, but it would be great for it to work the other way around, too and share the report with additional people. Or simply, if the report URL would be public and I only need to share the URL, that would be great, too.

Read only is good and noticed the new “Create Link” feature, which is a great starting point. At the moment it only shows “List”, “Timeline” and “Calendar” as public, but not “Overview”. If “Overview” can be made public and being able to access the Status reports from there, that would solve my problem.


We did not hear anything around status update being accessible publicly, but as you’ve seen Asana is making a step in that direction with public link for the different views.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @Anna-Sophia_Schmidt! Hopefully we can implement this in the future. I have gone ahead and merged this thread with the existing request. I hope you don’t mind!

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Hi, I dont have this option of read only shareable link for timeline. Is there any way to add it manually to my account? I am a premium.

@Yides_Deutsch it is coming to everyone, only a few more days I believe!

Will overview tab ever be available in the read only link?

We want our non-Asana customers to be able to see the status update, but there is no way to do that today. Adding this would add HUGE benefit to this link.

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Same here. Please include the “overview” tab into the public link. I’d be ready to pay for this.

Corporate clients that have enterprise software, are not allowed and also won’t create accounts on asana to see them. Even though it’s a great funnel and conversion flow, this target group is not approachable. Because If I want a guest in a project I invite directly by email. Public link is used when I explicitly know that users won’t signup anyway.

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Are there any updates on the overview or project brief link sharing?

@Ryan_Jaskiewicz no public update has been shared

Checking back in to see if there are any updates. Would love to have this feature so everything can remain within the project.

Any updates? We currently have to use external services to publish and share project scope content. Would love to keep this in Asana!

Would love to see this employed with the portfolios as well. Our team uses portfolios to report on the status, priority, and overall goal of various initiatives and currently do not have an efficient method for sharing this out with stakeholders and partners, without giving them access into the projects themselves.

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Hi @Cassie_Fraser ,
Here are some suggestions that are close to your needs, so please refer to them.

+1 for the Overview tab to be included in client-facing read only links.

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