Read only links for Portfolios

We are moving to Asana to have a better group view on the project portfolio of each individual company.

Our IT managers are maintaining their project portfolio and it would be nice to able to export the portfolio in kind of PDF format, so it can be pasted in PowerPoint presentations to management or on the digital workplace environment to inform our end users.

When you export a portfolio to Excel CSV format, you still have lot of work to make it presentable.

Now the workarround is to make several screenshots and paste these in the PowerPoint.


Hi @Ronny_Lion, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

I recommend taking a look at Portfolio read-only links:

You might find this achieves what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:

Where is the read only link in portfolios? I do not see this in any of my instances or my clients.

That link is to a feature that is 50% rolled out and looks to be paused.


I believe @Rebecca_McGrath was talking about project links, not portfolios :thinking:

@Bastien_Siebman is correct, apologies for this @Getz_Pro and @Ronny_Lion! :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category to give other user the opportunity to vote for read-only portfolios links!

Ok, projects then. Still don’t have this. Has this stalled?

Hi @Ronny_Lion :wave:t3:

I agree, the export options for portfolio data are lacking. I have to present project status to stakeholders outside of Asana often. The easiest option I’ve found is to create a dashboard, within the reporting function. (FYI only available in premium or higher).

You can create custom charts, based on specific fields and filters. Portfolios can be selected as a filter, and you can extract overview data from there (ie: assignee, due date, etc.). Then you can download an image of the chart and pop that into a presentation slide.

I hope this is helpful… good luck!



Many thanks for your feedback
I will have to start exploring reports :sweat_smile:


It’s been over a year and you still can’t share a read-only link to a Portfolio - what a bummer! We need to be able to share Portfolio views of a selection of projects as opposed to one project at a time.

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It would be super helpful, if we could share a Portlios to a external people who are not part of our company. In Projects we have public read only links to give access to projects. The same function would be interesting for Portfolios


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Thank you for sharing your feedback! I have merged your post into an existing product feedback thread. Don‘t forget to leave your vote at the top.

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Echoing what’s been said many times here - a public read only link to Portfolios would be hugely helpful in keeping external stakeholders up to date with projects; much more helpful than project read only access. It doesn’t make sense to consider additional licenses for these external stakeholders and is a reason to push us to another tool.


Also agreeing with this. I can make an amazing report through Asana on our team’s status with projects - yet I can’t share that report with people who aren’t/should not be a full-blown member of Asana.

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I am not entirely sure if Asana’s goal is to make it easier for people not be in Asana. They would kinda shoot themselves in the foot… That’s only my personal opinion of course :slight_smile:

I agree as well, a public link for the workload view, much like the tasks list view… where it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the project or team or not… but that you can see the workload of a certain team… is absolutely a need for me. Or a way to share that workload view without having to go with public permissions for all teams/projects.

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I am managing an organization, and thanks to Asana, my day-to-day is very comfortable.
However, I am not able to provide a license to every member of the organization, which makes it difficult for me to fully utilize portfolios.
Therefore, I strongly request the implementation of read-only links for portfolios.


I know what you mean, I would be happy to add them as members, or even ‘report level members’ so they can see the reports and the data, but not having to add them to projects, setting individual permissions etc.


It’s very frustrating this is not a feature yet.

Can you please find out if Asana is refusing to add this, or if it’s a feature on the backburner?

My whole usecase for Asana hinges on the ability for me to share a link to someone so they can see all the projects in a portfolio…

I am a one person business and I am willing to pay for the extra wasted seat if this feature can be added…

Over 2 years later and it’s still not a feature? I have very little faith in Asana caring about us.

@jacob22 a potential workaround is to sync a portfolio with GSheet, make it nice, and then share the GSheet…