Sharing a project public link


Is it possible to share a public link to a project with someone who does not have an Asana account? We have a few organization members who do not have or need an Asana license but would like to view the task list and due dates of a project.

We tried sharing the public project link and they were prompted to create an account. Is there anywhere to view without an account and/or license?


@Sarah_Cavanaugh - you can refer to this resource for info on how to do this. Some of that info is a bit out of date, but it gives you the gist. You can find the button to create a public link by clicking the 3 dots toward the right side of a project view. It will need to be a public project.

Thank you, Stephen.

I followed those steps, but the non-Asana users receive this screen when they try to follow the link:

@Sarah_Cavanaugh - have you set the share settings to “Anyone with the link can view”? I just tested this and I can access that link without logging into my environment.

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Interesting. I don’t appear to have that drop-down in my environment:

Any idea if there is a setting I need to change to have that option?

@Sarah_Cavanaugh - are you an admin of your Asana instance? There’s a setting in the admin console (Security - Read-only link sharing permissions) that can be set at the organization level. It looks like your org might have this turned off.

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