Setting a task imported from a rule to repeat every Monday?

Hi all,
I am hoping someone has some insight for this. We have tasks importing from one project to another, and every day, the task will be different. We are looking to have that when the task is imported from Project A to Project B, the task in Project B automatically sets the due date to Monday. So a task from Project A will import to Project B on Monday, it will be due the following Monday; imports on a Tuesday, it will be due the upcoming Monday, so forth and so on. Is that possible? It looks like when the task gets added, the only option is to add a due date to “X” number of days. But since the tasks are imported almost every day, it wouldn’t be possible to set a firm number of days to make the task due. I hope this is clear, I will be happy to share screenshots if needed. Thanks!

Hello @Tanya_Salemme can you please explain this part?
Task added to project on Monday - due next Monday
Task added to project on Tuesday - due next Monday
Task added to project on Wednesday - due when exactly? Also Monday?

Because I am then thinking of working with a simple select custom field maybe that has a list of all days so those can be kind of used as trigger also and set the proper days on the rule/s

I have also found these feedback request threads that might be helpful: Rules to trigger due dates only in business days,
Set due date to a specific date,

Yes! The assignee would be responsible for completing the tasks that get imported to her project every Monday