Set due date as recurring in the Import Spreadsheet


I’m trying to import a large list of tasks using the Import Spreadsheet method. But I would like the due date of each task to repeat every year, instead of just being a single due date.

Is this possible? Thank you.

Welcome, @Johannes_Chun,

I’m afraid this is not possible during the import itself, but after import you can multi-select up to 50 tasks at a time that have the same specific due dates to alter them all at once to annually recurring tasks.


Thanks Larry. Oh I see, alright then.

The tasks I’m looking to import would not have the same due date, but would all need to repeat annually. I guess I’ll have to do that one by one after the import, right?

Yes, I’m afraid so, as far as I know… Not ideal! And if I recall, the API doesn’t support recurring tasks so no luck there either…

Ugh, I am having the same issue. Wish they would offer the ability to set the recurrance upon import.