Export due dates that have repeating attributes

This seems obvious, but either I am missing something or unbelievably this is not an option.

When Exporting a project to CSV … I get Due Date …sure but if I designated in Asana APP that the task is repeating ever 2 weeks or whatever … or repeating every month … there is nothing in the exported file to tell me that .


Did I mis some option somewhere ? No one else sees this as an issue?

Welcome, @Ron_Davis1,

I’m afraid you’re not missing anything.

I wasn’t able to find any requests for this from anyone (but I might have missed something) so I suggest you add a new #forum-en:product-feedback post with your request if you’d like. But it might be hard to represent in a CSV export which generally has been one task per CSV row, and this could represent many different types of repeating data.



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Thanks @lpb
It is sad, I got here because I was attempting to IMPORT the same concept so… the 500 tasks that I have on repeat month to month I’ll have to hand touch once imported to designate their repeat attributes. Love Administrative Operations … not !!

Thanks for replying and confirming what I feared before I fussed with it any longer.