Recurrent tasks or bulk import

Hi all,

we are a web agency working simultaneously on about 40 projects with a lot of activities (tasks and subtasks) that have to be repeated every month.

These about 100 recurrent tasks are created manually on a monthly basis, a lot of useless work.
These tasks are the duplicate of the ones the previous month, they differ only for a specific tag (custom tag: month).

I cannot use the Recurrent tasks feature, because we need to report actual hours worked for each task and if I use the repeat function it does not duplicate the task, it just “open” it again.

I tried to import in bulk all tasks with a CSV file, because all tasks belong to more than one projects but one is common for all, Sprint dashboard project. But even in this way it doesn’t work because it doesn’t assign properly each task to the “second” project, but creates other custom columns, so the manual work to fix it is too much as well.

Is there any other option to speed up this process?

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Hi Erica! Were you able to figure out a solution? My team is trying to configure something similar with our email calendar/newsletters going into the new year.

Hey @Julie_Bedingfield, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have you looked into task and project templates already?