Send an email when a task is created from a Form

Hi All,
I am creating some forms so we can create tasks from them, but our accountant its not in ASANA and I need to email her the information that we obtain when the form is filled, is this possible?

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One option could be creating a separate project where you just add your accountant. Then you set up a rule in the other project and depending on a specific trigger those tasks (or form submissions) are multi-homed in the specific project that the accountant has access to.

Another option would be working with tools such as Zapier to set up rules that would email information to the accountant.

Alternatively you can also have a look at Flowsana


I agree with @Andrea_Mayer. These three options are the best way to get the email sent.


Thank you @Andrea_Mayer and @Paul_Grobler , yes what I think will work better is the integration from Zapier to send the info, that is what I am looking for, so I will look into it.


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