No Email Notifications for Forms?

When a new task is made on a board through a Form, nobody is getting the email notification even though all members on the board are set to receive email notifications when new tasks are adeded. How can I fix this?


Welcome to the Forum @Kristen_Hughes :wave: and thank you for reaching out!

You are correct here. When a Form is submitted, the Project Members don’t receive an email notification even if they have enabled to receive Email notification for Activity updates. The only member that receives an email notification is the assignee of the Task that has been created.

However, you do receive an Inbox notification for this new task that has been created through the Form Submission.

I’ve gone ahead and escalated your feedback for our team to consider this; I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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I really hope you’re not changing the correspondence of Asana Inbox Notifications and Email Notifications; it’s always been that if you ask for Activity Updates in email you get the same ones you would get in your Asana Inbox, right? More non-standard exceptions make it impossible to keep track of how Asana works (even for experienced users!).



Hi Natalia:
I might be missing something – but how do we add an assignee to the form? I don’t see how to add that when creating a form. I’ve added a form, filled it out and it ends up in the project – THEN I can add an assignee. But I’d like to have it assigned to someone and also a Section when completing the form. Is this possible?

Thank you!
Alisa Hall

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Natalia - I didn’t see this pop up in my Inbox when we did our Forms test. For both forms that were submitted, no notifications at all were delivered to individuals except the Owner of the board. Are we doing something wrong?


Hi Natalia
I have the same problem. when form comes in there isn’t any email notificatfion received.

Was this ever resolved? I find this to be a pain point as well. It is a hit or miss if I get a inbox notification, but it would be super helpful if Asana would allow us to get email notifications of form submissions.

FYI you can provide customized email notifications for forms via my Flowsana integration.