searching for task to assign a subtask- not all the tasks show up

While looking for advice, the closest one I cam to was: Move Subtask to different tasks

I have a search box but when I type the task name in there, the one I want is not a choice in the list at all. How is this populated? I have so many tasks that the idea of not being able to use the “convert to subtask of…” function is unreasonably slow.

Hi @Katherine10

This is a little weird. I have never encountered this, and am not able to reproduce it.

Here’s an Idea (Has worked perfectly for me across different Organziations/Asana Implementations):

  • command+c/strg+c the Name from the Namefield of the Task
  • now command+v/strg+v it in the field when making your task as subtask
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I have something radical that always work: go to the target task, copy the URL (using the :link: icon), and then go back to your task → in the search paste the link, it will offer to choose the task.

This autocomplete is hard to use if you have many tasks with similar names.