New to Asana - is there a number of downline tasks you can have on free version?


I just spent a load of time entering tasks that were under tasks and now they can’t be found. Why would that be?


If you use the search engine, do you find them?


If I knew exactly how I named the tasks it would help, but I don’t remember. And I searched for a short form of the title and nothing shows. I can find the subtasks that should have 9 other subtasks under them. I know yesterday when I signed
on once they were not there and eventually, for some reason, they did show up. Today I was hoping the same thing – but alas, no luck. Why would that be?


Can you share a screenshot of your Organization without any sensitive data?


Hi @Donna_Cowan,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues. Have you tried clicking on “Tasks I’ve created” on the left side?

Looking forward to your reply.