Move Subtask to different tasks

It would be great to be able to move subtasks to different tasks

when you are in the subtask, click the 3 dots in the top right. Hover over convert and it should offer two options, subtask or project. Choose subtask and a section will open at the top to allow you to add the subtask to a different task. You can also have the same subtask appear as a subtask and an task (multihomed). When you are in the subtask, click Tab + p. A section will appear allowing you to add the subtask as a task on any project. It will remain as a subtask and if you edit one, the other will reflect those edits.

Thanks for the info!

Is there a way to make a task  a subtask on another task? See screenshot below- I want to move the task “Packaging: Cardboard hanger review and feedback” a subtask on “Development” of “DeichmannSP23”

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you should be able to use the same process, when on a task, click the 3 dots, hover over convert to, select subtask and it should give you the option to select a task to move it to.

“Convert to” doesn’t show up as an option when hovering over the 3 dots on the task

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you want to actually click on the task and click the three dots in the right hand corner of it, not from the board view.

It worked!! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful weekend


Happy to help, enjoy yours as well!

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Thanks for your help @Samantha_Isbell :heart:

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