Searching Archived Project Titles

just adding my vote here. pretty nuts that there’s not an option in the advanced search to include archived projects. as others have noted, this is a pretty clear and obviously use case. maybe the asana PM’s don’t actually use asana much?


Add me to the list of people who are baffled by the idea that providing a way to search your archive would be considered a bug. I just looked through every Advanced Search filter, thinking that, surely, they must provide a way to search for archived projects by title…this is too good of a product to not have that. But, sure enough, it can’t be done. I will suggest to my team that we finish each project with a completed task that has the same name as the Project, since we are just getting started. But, please compliment the developer who added the “bug” and ask him to put it back.


Same here!

Please add this feature.

Makes no sense why this feature can’t be easily added so we can quickly find Archived projects!

I have to deal with this just about every single day, as we have hundreds of projects!

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Please could there be a tab to search for ‘archived projects’ this is so needed!!

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I share everyone’s frustration that this is a much need feature but in the meantime I refer to the beginning of this thread where Marie Community Forum Manager says: **. . I completely understand that this change is painful; for the time being, the best advice I can give you is to search through the “Archived projects” option, - and my question is - How does once access the Archived Projects option? I can’t locate it in Advanced Search.

This feature would indeed be much apreciated! thanks

As with all other users here, I am amazed the functionality to search Archived projects is not yet available. We run thousands of projects through Asana, all of which are based on Templates that have tasks with identical names.

Is there an update as to when this issue will be fixed?

I agree…I am able to bring up sub-tasks from archived projects no problem. Seems very usable for me.

This must be added. Even adding in a checkbox option to include searching for archived projects would suffice.

Typical scenario is I want to find a particular task that’s in an archived project. I can’t remember the name of the exact task, but I do remember the name of the archived project itself (as it’s name is usually defined with a release number). Usually projects for our teams have 50 to 200 tasks, and projects may have tasks with the same name as other projects. Here’s how a typical search would work:

  1. Check search through archived projects, and search for project title with release number.
  2. Asana would provide a result with a list of projects that potentially match.
  3. I pick the archived project.
  4. I’m able to drill down to the task I was trying to identify.
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Agreed with everyone here, this is sorely needed. I frequently need to go back and check on archived projects and it’s quite difficult to do so.

I was cleaning up some completed projects from last year and I archived them.
Now I am completely unable to locate those archived projects. I came here and see that others have been reporting this issue for over a year.
There are tons of use cases where searching for archived projects is needed, please address this cirtical function.

This is a crucial feature for our team as well and it’s seriously inhibiting adoption from our senior management team (who are the key decision makers). Please add this feature soon… (perhaps a small toggle that says “Show Archived”?)

I will add my name to this discussion. As a longtime gmail user I am used to archiving mails, knowing that I can easily find them when needed. This way archiving projects came natural to me, up to the time I tried to find an archived project.

I think Asana needs to address this issue soon.

Adding in my comment here. This is sorely needed for repeat projects to go back, review timelines, look for project improvements, historical tasks, etc. Let’s get this added to Asana ASAP!

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but while grappling with the above problem, I found that if I open an archived folder (once it has already been archived), it now becomes searchable, for a limited amount of time.
Which means that the possibility to search archived projects is built into the system, but for some reason, it has been (intentionally?) limited. 08%20PM

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As a PM this feature not being there is kind of ridiculous. Hope its implemented soon.

Hi, any updates on this? This is a huge priority for my team.

We switched to Premium a few months ago and started using Projects properly (before that, our projects were technically at ‘task’ level). We now include a code in the project title so that they are easily searchable by year and client, and they are also color coded by client. Now we are starting to complete and archive some of these projects, and I’m discovering that I can’t easily pull them up. We have so many projects that happen annually, and I need to refer to the past year’s project.

As someone else mentioned, this is the strange part: When I search for an archived project, at first there is no result. But if I find the project manually, then type in the search bar, it does show up in search results, with an ‘archived’ symbol next to the title. Even after I refresh, use a different tab, etc. Something about visiting the project made it ‘active’ in search results. So if it’s already possible, shouldn’t this just be the default? This seems like a bug.

Searching tasks isn’t a solution because our tasks have generic names like “R2 feedback.” They do not contain project identifiers.

Thanks for reading.

Need this one as well, please

Hi everybody!

I’m closing this thread since is now possible to search for Archived Projects :slight_smile:
Our Guide hasn’t been modified just yet but it should be updated soon. In the meantime, should you have any follow-up question, don’t hesitate to ping me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Have a great week! :wave: