Search due date in next xx days not working

Hi everyone,
I may be missing something here, but when searching for incomplete tasks within the next 2 days (or within any amount of days), I am getting results from tasks dated way out of this time frame.
Why is this and what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I just tried and I think we are getting “tasks with a due due BEFORE the date in 2 days”, not within 2 days… I guess it makes sense…
“Hey let’s work on stuff due in 2 days max” would pull up overdue tasks. Isn’t it?

The “within” for me was implying “within the frame between today and the date given”.

Hey @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for your input.
I am not sure exactly what you mean. The function (As it is in the search) ‘Due date within 2 days’ should show me tasks with due dates within 2 days, right. I don’t see how else that could be interpreted.
Bringing up tasks due in 2 (or XX) days just shows me what all upcoming tasks are. Am I missing something. Why is it giving me a list with hundreds of tasks that are not ‘Due date within 2 days’?

When are they due? Mine are all today, tomorrow or before today.

I am in agreement with @tom.marsh. The due “within the next” option seems to pull in tasks with past due dates way outside of the allocated date range. It is my view this should only be looking ahead, not back at all. The due “within the last” option seems to be working fine.

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@Bernie_Orelup yes this works fine for me too. I dont understand how the past due dates are relevant to a ‘Due within’ search. Currently it seems to mean ‘Due within ANYTIME and the next xx days’?
I am trying to convince the team to migrate from spreadsheets to check for upcoming deadlines and move to using Asana exclusively. I want to set up search which makes it as easy as possible for them to pull the results they need, without ANY superfluous data to make things confusing.
Yes, one could use the ‘within’ function, but this needs to be reset each time the date range changes.

In my mind, ‘due in’ should show me whatever is due in the next xx days. If it was due last week, it is not due in xx days.

Know what I mean. Anyone eldse want to weigh in on how I can set up a report for the team?

While I agree that “within” is a bit more refined of a search, the behavior here is to show anything that is due “less than” 2 days from today. Yesterday is -1 days from today so it appears in the results. As will anything incomplete from the past.

The results are simply showing any past due tasks as well. Theoretically, aren’t past due tasks just as, if not more, important that what is due “next”? I think this is expected behavior because of the emphasis Asana wants to make on overdue items.

That said, a trigger next to this search criteria asking if past due tasks want to be seen would be a nice option. Not one I would recommend by default, but definitely would be preferred to help obtain the results you are looking for.

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Hi @Jerod_Hillard, I see what you mean but I think this is extremely misleading and to be honest, quite pointless.
The advanced search options offer, among other things, these 2 options:

  • Due date within the next xxx days (should contain results which are completed/incomplete/whatever is specified, IN THE NEXT xxx days, and not dates in the past)
  • Due date within the last xxx days (should contain results which are completed/incomplete/whatever is specified, IN THE LAST xxx days, and not dates in the future)

If this is not how it works, then having bot options makes no sense. There must be a possibility to see the upcoming tasks (and whatever criteria is set) in a specific time frame.

Having an emphasis on overdue tasks doesn’t help a PM stop items from becoming overdue in the first place.

Within the last and Within the next in actuality mean less than and greater than so the phrases are misleading in a user experience sense. At least Asana should make this more clear, but ideally more powerful.

I requested a long time ago, but can’t find my forum post, the ability to use tokens in advanced search. With that feature, you could use the “Between” option (not the other two) and not have to change it day-to-day.



hey @lpb,
yeah, misleading in an english language sense haha :slight_smile:
Your request would definitely help sort the problem. Being able to ‘set and forget’ reports without needing to worry about the dates would be really great. Just to set the criteria and always be shown what is upcoming in the next xx days.

oh well :confused:


Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know our team is rolling out an update to solve this issue. With this update the results in your reports will truly be only tasks with due dates in the future.

If you still see overdue tasks or tasks with different dates when searching for tasks within a specific timeframe or if you have any questions please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you further! :slight_smile:



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When will this update be live?
‘Within the next 30 days’ still shows me EVERY task that meets the criteria, even if it was completed a year ago!!

Hi @tom.marsh, we updated the main thread in the #productfeedback category: Custom reports with a "next X days" filter for due dates used to show overdue tasks as well (until last week). *Please* bring it back. - #24 by Shannon_Mathews. Unfortunately we decided to revert this update, please find more details below: