Rules not showing on my projects


My team has a Business level membership with Asana. In the past, I built a template that we all use that has rules. I just noticed that none of the projects that have been built with that template have the rules choice available. It used to be in the upper right menu where “Incomplete Tasks” and “Filters” are located. Even the project template that we all use as a starting point is not displaying the rules option at all. Any help would be greatly approeciated.



Hi @JeanPierre_LeGuillou, welcome back to the Asana Forums! Did you try and click the Customize button in the top right corner? It should look like this image

When you click that button a new drop-down window will appear where you can create rules and it looks like this

Hopefully this will fix your problem of no longer being able to find the Rules builder in Asana. As for you issue with the rules not carrying over to a new project from your template, it looks like a user had a similar issue previously and they had to reach out to Asana support to get it resolved following these steps.

@Marie do you know if there is another resolution to this issue?

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Hello Matt,

Thank you for the quick response. Ah, I see, there were “hidden” in that new pulldown menu. And I checked our already existing projects and the rules choice is inside the “Customized” pulldown menu. Our rules are still there.

Once again, thank you for your help.


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@JeanPierre_LeGuillou Happy to help and glad your rules didn’t disappear!

In addition to being moved into customize menu, it is also below the scroll line on small screens :scream:

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