Where I can see task rules? It used to be in the top but I can not find it any more?

The menu to create new tasks and manage old ones used to be in the top ara but I can not find it any more

Hello @Vicgar

You can find the rules under Customize at the top right of the page.

How to access Rules in Asana — Watch Video


Hey there.
I used to be able to see all the rules, but now it will show me only a few of the rules I have created for a specific project.

For example, this project has at least 4 more rules which move the tasks around sections, but I can only see these 5, so I can’t edit previously created rules.

@Lucio_Mangabeira do you mean they completely disappeared? @Emily_Roman should he reach out to support?

They were gone.
Today a “See more x rules” similar to the fields one appeared, so either it was just a temporary bug on my side or it was fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks Bastien!


I did make an offering to the Asana god though, maybe that helped.

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I am having the same issue. I can’t see rules I have created for a project, only a few of them show. How can I see all rules created for a project?