Rules For Creating Subtasks Using Custom Field Selections


I’m trying to create a rule for a Task template that will create specific Subtasks based on Custom Field selections from the parent task.


  • If either/both DISPLAY or DOOH is selected from Custom Field, I want the “Programmatic Display Campaign” subtask to generate.
  • If either/both SOCIAL or PAID META DISPLAY is selected, I want the “Social Creative Asset Production” subtask to generate.

However, when I select both of DISPLAY and DOOH, it will create 2 of the same “Programmatic Display Campaign” subtasks, when I only want 1. Same for the SOCIAL, when I check one box, it creates the subtask, and as soon as I check the other social custom field box, it creates a duplicate.

I’m sure it’s something to do with the way I’m setting up the rules builder, so any support/help is appreciated.

Hi @Dayna_Brisco , it would be great if you could post an screenshot of your rule builder.
But I would bet that your conditions are set to OR instead of AND.

Look out for that and try and set to AND, meaning that both DISPLAY and DOOH need to be selected for the rule to trigger!

Hi Dayna!

What is your current rule set to? There is an option within the Condition check for a multi-select field for “is set to one of…” and you can choose a couple options that would lead to just one trigger.

Hi @Richard_Sather @billyadams

I’ve screenshot my rules here. I would like the Subtask rule to fire only once when:
DISPLAY only is checked
or DOOH only is checked
or both DISPLAY & DOOH are checked.

Thank you.

I think @billyadams was spot on actually.
You actually only need one Check if, remove the ones below. Click into the check if Assets and on the panel that pops up on the right you have a dropdown choice - you will need to choose ‘when any of these…’ and just select these two, DISPLAY or DOOH.

@Richard_Sather Tried that rule switch but it just created 2 duplicate subtasks when I selected both checkboxes. :confused:

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 12.48.40 PM