Subtasks duplicating when I change a custom field with a connected rule to add subtasks

I use one Asana project as an editorial board, with each task representing a tactic that could go out on multiple channels (social, PR, etc.)

I have used a multi-select custom field to denote channels. I’ve set up a rule where each channel is meant to trigger a specific set of subtasks. I.e., social media channel selection creates subtasks for drafting and posting a social post.

However, when I add a new channel, it’s duplicating previous subtasks. I believe it’s because Asana (and Flowsana) are reading the selections again.

For example:
Original task has social and PR labels. Social and PR subtasks populate.
Now I add web article as a multi-select option, in addition to social and PR which is already checked. So now, Asana adds web article but also again social and PR.

Is there anyway around this? I set up a rule through Flowsana which seemed to fix the issue, but it’s mysteriously popped up again.

Thank you!


A few thoughts:

  1. The best troubleshooting can be done for you if you include all relevant screenshots: of rules, what you see happening, what you wanted to have happen.

  2. When you say “Label”, you mean “Multi-Select Option” for your Channel custom field, right?

  3. The Rules tend to be fairly literal in triggering every time their trigger condition is met.

  4. I think you want a rule that says something like the following, for each of your multi-select-options: “When the PR Option is Added To (or deleted from) Custom Field, AND there are no (or any) PR Subtasks, then Add (or delete) PR Subtasks.” No more, no less.

  5. The Flowsana expert is @Phil_Seeman .

Good luck!

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Thanks, @anon91170507!

@Elizabeth_Beilman I can’t speak to Asana but for Flowsana, if you can send an email to describing the issue (your description here is excellent) and include a task link to a task where you selected an additional option but Flowsana re-added subtasks form a previously selected option, then we can and will look into it.

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Hi @Elizabeth_Beilman - there is another thread on this issue too - just fyi.
It doesn’t provide an answer but know others are having this issue too.

@Karen_Coke That thread is actually about a different use case than @Elizabeth_Beilman’s. That thread is about having an “is only” multi-select trigger option, but that wouldn’t help Elizabeth. What she needs is an “only consider newly selected multi-select values” capability when a multi-select field is changed. (FYI we’re currently working on how we can more effectively implement this in Flowsana.)